In the previous few decades there has been a steep increase in the number of domestic terrorism cases in many countries. In the United States itself individuals are trying to find alternative means of protection due to an increase in the strictness of gun control laws.

A new (well relatively) alternative to using combat gear is the use of ‘Tactical Flashlights’, which have recently caught the attention of many users looking to better defend themselves and their families. Tactical grade equipment implies that the device is made to meet military level requirements and can be used in actual warfare.

Tactical Flashlights provide users with an almost superhuman ability to see their surroundings or distract potential attackers by producing an intense strobe like effect which when focused straight into their eyes of the assailant can disorient them mentally.

These lights have an intensely focused source of radiation which can be utilized in the harshest of conditions including snow, fire, rain, wind. They are also compact and outperform any regular flashlight by an unbelievable margin.

What is the Falcon Tactical Flashlight?

The Falcon Tactical X800 LED Flashlight is a new compact, handheld visual aid device that is made using aeronautical grade aluminum. This high quality metal makes the device extremely lightweight and portable and due to its unique design it becomes accessible for use in a casual, leisurely (evening walk) manner or in times of an emergency.

The product also comes with a highly focused light filament and features a completely waterproof body making it really useful for survivalists and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Check out their promo video below:

What are the key features of the Falcon Tactical Flashlight?

The key features of the Falcon X800 Tactical Flashlight include:

(i) Extremely Bright: The flashlight produces an extremely bright light which when measured clocks in at 800 lumens (40X that of a regular fluorescent bulb), this is really bright especially when considering how small the source is. Also, the device does not require an external electricity source and can be run efficiently by batteries.

(ii) Efficient Self Defense Mechanism: the device can be used in times of self-defense. Since its outer metallic body is made of aircraft aluminum, it is light and can be swung easily at an assailant. However, its true use lies in its ability to temporarily blend potential attackers due to its ultra-focused light beam.

(iii) Ergonomic Design: the device uses a high quality design structure and aeronautical grade materials for its outer body. The manufacturing process includes the use of high precision tools which produce items that are crafted correctly to a millimeter precision.

(iv) Around the Clock Support: the Falcon support team is dedicated to alleviating any problems that users may have.

(v) Convenient to use: the product design makes the device fit in one’s hand easily. Also, since the device can be powered using AAA batteries which allow for it to be used for long durations without having to worry about changing the power source.

What are the different modes of operation for the device?

The Falcon Tactical Flashlight features 5 key modes of operation including:

(i) Low power mode: this can be used for average, everyday use like when one is out for a walk or looking for objects around the house.

(ii) Medium power mode: this setting is often utilized in cases where more visibility is required, like when the weather conditions become rough and one needs to find their way back.

(iii) High power mode: this setting should ideally be utilized when one is outdoors in the wild and requires long distance visibility. This mode consumes the most power but also provides the brightest visual clarity. Regular use of this feature is unadvisable as it suitable for specific cases only.

(iv) Strobe mode: this setting sets of the light in a strobe like manner causing a phototropic effect upon its users.

(v) SOS mode: this feature allows for users to send out a high light frequency SOS signal which is visible from a long distance.

What do people who have used the product have to say about it?

The reviews regarding the product have been mixed to positive, and using a weighted average of 224 user submitted reviews the product received an overall rating of 3/5 stars on There are testimonials available on various blogs, websites and columns regarding the product which one can check out before making a purchase

Some satisfied customers include Jolene Sartre who claims that the flashlight is perfect for use since it is compact and easy to carry. She goes on to say that the light beam is much wider and brighter than that of a regular conventional flashlight.

Similarly, Joan Nixon claims that the device really lights up all the dark dingy spots in her house when she is cleaning up or looking for some misplaced items. Lastly, Marlene Rose claims that the flashlight is really useful for her because it enables her to see long distances when she is out. She says it allows her to see who is coming her way from far away.

However, there is some criticism which the product has received as well. Users like Rob A. claim that the lights are not as powerful as he had expected. Similarly, Amelie M. claims that the outer body is not as well made as advertised.

How can I purchase the Falcon Tactical Flashlight for myself?

The easiest and most convenient way of making a purchase is by placing an order online at A single unit can be purchased for $56.00 but orders of 2 or more units allow users to avail of discounts of $25 per unit.

Payments can be done using a variety of safe and secure transaction means including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Visa.

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