As the use of mobile phones has become more and more predominant in people’s daily life, losing this essential device can be considered as a tragedy.

Cellphones became smartphones and are now a vital part of people’s routine as they can be used as a digital secretary and contain a plethora of useful applications.

Mobile phones are not only a way to remain in contact with friends, family and business partners, they have now also become an efficient tool to take photographs, to store information, to act as a GPS and to access the internet.

Thus, when a person loses their phone it can appear as a catastrophe to them due to the fact that they would find themselves deprived of all the useful and functional advantages of their phones.

In addition, they might irredeemably come to lose pictures, data and personal information which then become available to anyone finding the cherished device.

Phone Lasso has been designed as the revolutionary accessory that will efficiently protect mobile phones from falling, being forgotten and lost. Phone Lasso is a new product that enables a person to clip their cellphone to almost anything.

Around an individual’s wrist, on the side of their pants or on their handbag.

With Phone Lasso, a person will be able to keep their phone by their side at all times, no matter what they are doing. Affordable, functional and simple to apply, Phone Lasso is a new product that is useful for any person.

Whether a person is clumsy, active, forgetful or adventurous, Phone Lasso will ensure that their smartphone is safe from drops, dunks, and loss.

How to Use Phone Lasso?

Phone Lasso consists of an ultra adhesive patch made of a military grade rip-stop nylon which will prevent any type of breakage. Once attached to a phone the patch won’t get off unless users choose to take it off.

This super adhesive and secure patch comes with an unrippable web strap connected to an aluminum carabiner. With this product, people will be able to attach their phones anywhere.

By only attaching Phone Lasso’s patch onto a smartphone, people will be able to ensure the safety of their device.

Furthermore, the revolutionary product is provided with a neck lanyard and adjustable wristlet enabling people to wear their phones around their necks, wrists, on their handbags, backpacks or on their waist.

Phone Lasso has been designed to be extremely thin in order to fit under any case and work with any brand of phone. In addition, being thin and simple, Phone Lasso doesn’t obstruct speakers, charger ports or cameras.

This highly functional product can also be adapted in order to be used with different devices such as remotes and tablets.

Phone Lasso has been tested on weights and it has been demonstrated that the product is resistant even when attached to a 15-pound weight. As this product is functional, simple, cheap, resistant and adaptable, it has proven to be an essential accessory.

With Phone Lasso, people can safely take on activities without having to leave their phones at home.

Phone Lasso Availability and Pricing

Phone Lasso can be ordered from the Phone Lasso website for $14.95.

Thus, if you are looking for an efficient product that will help save money on screen repairs and phone replacements, then you should consider trying Phone Lasso as its strong adhesive patch and grip will let you carry your smartphone safely with you preventing drops or loss.

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