Infantino Squeeze Station

When it comes to the health and wellness of their children, there is nothing parents won’t do.

While this can be seen in many different forms, it is most obvious in the foods that parents feed their children.

As society has become more aware about what they put in their bodies, turning from over processed, in-nutritious options to more natural options, parents have become hypervigilant.

Only the best of the best should be placed in the bodies of children of all ages.

The problem with guarding and protecting the health of children is that many of their favorite products are filled with questionable ingredients.

Purees and food pouches have grown to be extremely popular recently, but with mold scares and information on the actual ingredients in these products, parents are turning away and looking for better solutions.

In an effort to give parents better control over what their young children eat, Infantino has created the Squeeze Station.

The Squeeze Station is a system that allows parents to make food pouches at home.

Perfect for purees, smoothies, and homemade baby food, these pouches allow parents to make their own foods, giving them complete control over quality and even quantity.

For parents who want to provide the best of the best for their children, the Squeeze Station offers a simple solution to the snacks and meals that children love.

What Is The Squeeze Station?

The Squeeze Station was created by the company Infantino when a problem arose in the food pouch industry.

While these pouches had become increasingly popular, reports of moldy purees and questionable ingredients made many parents suspicious about the products.

Despite these suspicions, the idea of being able to feed a child with a convenient pouch was ideal for busy parents.

So, Infantino came up with a better, DIY solution.

Allowing parents to make and store their own pouches, the Squeeze Station is a quick and easy way to create delicious, completely customizable smoothies, purees, and baby foods for children.

The device allows parents to add whatever purees or foods they’ve made and fill reusable, clear pouches.

With the Squeeze Station, parents don’t just have better control over the ingredients used in their children’s food, but also the amount consumed.

Perfect for those who have children with dietary restrictions or who just want to know what their children are eating, the Squeeze Station offers a simple way to eat the best of the best foods.


Squeeze Station Benefits

For parents who want better control over the foods their children eat, the biggest benefit of Squeeze Station is that it allows them to make their own fillers for the squeeze pouches that come with the device.

The Squeeze Station makes it easy for parents to fill pouches with a wide range of foods, making it perfect for children of all ages.

With the Squeeze Station, parents can make purees, baby foods, smoothies, apple sauce, and even yogurts for their children.

Whether the pouches are being used for meals or for snacks, the Squeeze Station makes it easier than ever to create the perfect product.

Another benefit of Squeeze Station is that it gives parents complete control over the food items used in the squeeze pouches.

More and more children struggle with food restrictions, making it harder for parents to find food options that meet their needs.

Just as important, most parents would rather their children only eat natural, organic fruits and vegetables, free from preservatives and other questionable ingredients.

The Squeeze Station is perfect to meet these needs because it allows parents to custom make each and every item that is used to fill the pouches.

No matter what the dietary needs of children, the Squeeze Station makes it simple to make the perfect meals and snacks.

In addition to being versatile and comprehensive, the Squeeze Station pouches can be made ahead of time and frozen so parents can use them for later.

Because pureeing and making foods from scratch can be a bit time consuming, the pouches used by the device can be frozen so several weeks’ worth of food can be prepared at one time.

In fact, most parents say that it takes about 45 minutes to make enough pouches for two to three weeks.

By making it easier and more convenient for parents to make their homemade purees, the Squeeze Station ends up saving users time.

How The Squeeze Station Works

Another benefit of the Squeeze Station is how easy it is to use. The main body of the device, the actual squeeze station, has a no skid base and soft rubber presses, allowing for the perfect grip.

With its three separate tubes, perfect for making multiple items, and its 10 disposable squeeze pouches, the entire system is the ideal solution for parents who want more control over their children’s food.

All that is required for the Squeeze Station to work is for parent’s to add their purees, smoothies, or baby foods into the three tubes located at the top of the station.

Then, they can use the included press to push the food down into the attachable pouches.

As each four ounce pouch is filled, parents can seal them and place them in the fridge or freezer. Once the process is done, the entire system can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


Purchasing The Squeeze Station

The Squeeze Station is available for purchase on the Infantino website. Usually listed for $24.99 on the company website, at the moment the Squeeze Station is sold out.

However, for those who want the system as soon as possible, the company also offers its products through the stores Babies “R” Us and Walmart.


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