Keto Factor X

Intra Workout supplements are a class of products that have been designed in order to provide wholesome nutrition during the performance of a physical exercise regime.

For example, various essential minerals, salts and ions are lost during the course of physical activity. Thus, intra workout mixes help in compensating for any loss of key nutrients so that the physical output can stay at a high level.

When the body receives immediate nutrition, it is able to delay the onset of fatigue and other such issues. This leads to an added burst of energy which allows users to push harder at the gym, and consequently develop lean muscle mass more quickly and efficiently.

However, that being said, it is important to choose one’s intra workout supplement carefully. Many a times, these products contain large volumes of stimulants. These compounds may help in the instant release of energy, but when the effect of the product begins to wear off, one can feel very incapacitated.

Thus, experts recommend the use of natural amino derivatives which have been clinically tried and found to deliver no harmful side effects.

What Is Keto Factor X?

Keto Factor is an all new training tool which helps maximize the efficiency of one’s workout and physical exercise regime. It contains an all natural formula that consists of certain caffeine and amino acid based derivatives. Due to its potent composition, the results delivered are almost immediate.

Keto Factor X Features

Some of the key features of Keto Factor include:

Sustained Energy:

The main requirement of an ‘intra workout product’ is that it should be able deliver large volumes of energy through the course of the exercise session.

Keto Factor does exactly that, using its efficacious blend of ketones, amino acids and stimulants, it is able to help in the sustained release of energy so that an individual can push himself to the max during the course of strenuous weight lifting and bodybuilding training.

Low- Carb Compatible:

Usually when taking such supplements, the manufacturer recommends the intake of healthy carbs in our meals. However, for users who wish to follow a low carb plan, Keto factor is the perfect choice. Using its specialized components, it is able to deliver ample physical benefits without the need of any substantial carbohydrate content in one’s system.

Circulatory Enhancement:

Many a times, the flow of blood within one’s arterial network is quite poor. This causes the early onset of fatigue and other physical repercussions. However, due to the presence of highly isolated ‘Lactotripeptides’, the supplement is able to increase the volume of blood being pumped into our various organ centers throughout our bodies.


The manufacturer has especially paid attention to the electrolyte loss that users go through during intense exercise. Keto Factor has been infused with various essential ions and electrolytes which help users to push themselves harder.

EFA Content:

As mentioned earlier, the product contains various EFA’s (essential Fatty acids) which help in the development of lean muscle mass in one’s body. They help promote fuel oxidation, thereby increasing the energy and vitality levels of an individual.

Ketogenic Pathway Action:

Due to the presence of various key keto salts, the supplement is able to induce ketogenesis. This mechanism is highly useful for people looking to lose weight and sculpt their physiques.


There are no chemical additives in the mix. Similarly, there are no binders, fillers or proprietary blends in the mix. What is on the label is what you find inside the container.

Keto Factor X Reviews

Keto Factor has been quite warmly received within the fitness community. Satisfied customers include Rodrigo J. say that ‘Keto factor X gave me the energy I needed for my peaking blocks to be prepared for this power lifting meet i had been training for’. Similarly, Jason Blackwell says ‘Love it. Well priced and does the job well.”

Purchasing Keto Factor X

Keto Factor X comes packed in a snazzy looking red and blue bottle. Each container is available for direct purchase from the official website and has been priced at $59.99. There is only one flavor variant available at the moment, namely Cosmic Punch. Payments can be finalized using various methods like PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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