Pure Nutrinex Intensity

Male enhancement products have become highly popular within the last few decades. No longer are men dependent of certain medicines like sildenafil, viagra for their sexual needs.

There are now many natural supplements which enable an increase in our overall sexual health without any of the side effects that come about as a consequence of using chemically loaded pills. In principle, these natural enhancers target certain mechanisms in our bodies which are related to our sexual well-being and stamina.

These areas include optimal blood flow, increased nutritional uptake, and enhanced testosterone production. When these criterias are met by any product, they are able to efficiently work towards increasing the sexual capacity of an individual.

Recent studies have also been published that show chemically derived compounds may be harmful for our bodies in the long run. For example, viagra is known to cause various dependency problems, thus many men seem to reap less and less benefits as time goes on. Thus, one has to be extremely cautious and wary while choosing a ‘male enhancer’.

What Is Pure Nutrinex Intensity?

Intensity is an all new ‘male enhancement solution’ that has been developed by Pure Nutrinex. It contains a host of aphrodisiacal agents that have been used in the east as potent means of increasing sexual activity in males.

Also, great importance has been given to the overall composition of the product. Thus, only natural extracts have been used in the principal formula.

Pure Nutrinex Intensity Benefits

Some of the key benefits that users can experience from the regular use of Intensity include:

Sexual Support:

as mentioned earlier, there are many stimulatory and aphrodisiacal components in the mix. These compounds have been clinically studied and have been found to increase the flow of blood into our sex organs.

When there is efficient nutrient transfer taking place within our bodies, we can greatly increase our excitation capacity, as well as our overall sexual stamina levels.

Harder Erection:

Due to certain compounds in the mix, the supplement has been clinically shown to increase the firmness of one’s penis after intake. The effects last for around 4-6 hours, thus users should control their dosage depending upon their urgent needs.

Energy Surge:

Using its primary ingredients, Intensity is able to tweak our metabolic activity, thereby allowing us to obtain larger energy release. This helps us stay more active and vital during the course of our sexual activity.

Muscular Recovery:

Not only does the supplement take care of our present needs, but it also works towards optimizing our recovery systems. When taken regularly, Intensity can increase the flow of blood and oxygen to our muscles and tendons. This allows for faster recovery and efficient workouts.

Pure Nutrinex Intensity Ingredients


This underrated mineral is highly effective in opening up blocked arterial passages, thereby enhancing overall blood flow. When there is optimal flow into our groin area, an individual is able to feel more excited and stimulated.

Mucuna Pruriens:

Pruriens (as it is commonly known in regional areas) is a legume that has been used by ancient healers . It has also been utilized as a Ayurvedic herbal medicine for supporting issues such as intestinal disorders, sexual response, and mood enhancement.

Pure Nutrinex Intensity Reviews

Based on over 20 reviews, the supplement has received an average rating of 4.3/5 stars on Amazon. The reviews have been positive, and many men have reported seeing a tangible increase in their sexual excitability levels.

Satisfied individuals include Ada G who says ‘I bought this for my husband thinking he might not appreciate it but it has surprised both of us. He took it on a lark and then it actually worked. It has helped his sex drive and I am climaxing more, having some powerful orgasms. This was definitely surprising for us both.’

Purchasing Pure Nutrinex Intensity

Each bottle of Pure Nutrinex Intensity contains 60 capsules and is priced at $31.95. Upon monthly subscription, users can avail of an additional 10% discount. All orders can be placed on the official amazon page and payments can be completed through means like PayPal, Maestro, Amazon Pay and Visa.

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