Lifeway Kefir

The body is a very complex system that can easily become unbalanced. Unfortunately, one of the most important parts of the body is also the one that can become imbalanced the easiest.

The digestive system is often referred to as having a brain of its own and it controls so much of the health and wellness of people. However, all it takes is a small imbalance in the bacteria that coexist in the digestive system to wreak havoc on the body.

For those looking for a tasty, easy way to protect their digestive health, Lifeway Kefir is the best option. This thick, creamy yogurt-like smoothie is easy to mix with meals and comes in so many flavors, even the pickiest eater will find something to love.

And, most importantly, Lifeway Kefir provides the digestive system with the support it needs by providing the body with powerful probiotics.

What Is Lifeway Kefir?

In order to understand Lifeway Kefir and its amazing products, a better understanding of kefir is needed.

While kefir has been popular for centuries in Russia and countries with warmer climates, it has recently been adopted by many Western countries, despite not a lot being known about the product.

To begin with, kefir is a cultured milk smoothie that tastes both tart and sweet. Because kefir can come in a wide range of flavors, the tartness can be lessened, for those who aren’t a fan of the original flavor.

Kefir is made by adding wheat cultures to a thick, fresh cow’s milk. When the kefir has fermented, it can be served, offering a wide range of amazing benefits. Often, kefir is compared to a thick, yogurt-like smoothie drink.

While the source of kefir might sound a little strange, the process is far out shined by the amazing benefits that come with the drink. As mentioned briefly above, the biggest benefit of kefir is that it contains probiotics.

The digestive system contains two kinds of bacteria, good and bad. Unfortunately, modern diets aren’t beneficial in keeping the good bacteria alive, causing a wide range of health and wellness problems.

The probiotics in kefir help replenish the good bacteria in the digestive system, keeping it healthy and thriving.

Because kefir supports healthy digestion, it offers a wide range of additional benefits. The first is that the probiotics in kefir help support the immune system, since almost 80% of all immune system cells are found in the gut.

With kefir, not only will people get sick less, they might also lose weight, since kefir is extremely high in protein, keeping eaters fuller for longer, so they eat less throughout the day.

And the improved digestive health kefir provides flushes out the system of toxins and contaminants, which can be seen in the clear skin that many who eat kefir regularly experience.

Yoghurt has long been considered the best source for probiotics. However, yogurt does contain lactose, to which more and more people are realizing they are allergic.

Kefir, especially Lifeway Kefir, uses a fermentation process that helps reduce the amount of lactose in the drink. This makes kefir the perfect option for those who want an easy way to support their digestive health despite their lactose intolerance.

About Lifeway Kefir

Lifeway Kefir was started in 1986, when the founder of the company, Michael Smolyansky, started making the cultured smoothie that had been so popular in his home of Eastern Europe.

However, in the United States, where Smolyanksy had immigrated, there was no knowledge of this amazing drink and all the many benefits it offered.

The popularity of the kefir made by Smolyanksy grew rapidly, resulting in Lifeway Kefir debuting on the NASDAQ exchange within two years of starting.

While Lifeway Kefir started in a basement kitchen, the company has grown exponentially over the past several decades.

In fact, Lifeway Kefir is proudly the largest manufacturer of kefir in the entire United States, sharing its unique health benefits with people across the country.

As a result of its growth, Lifeway Kefir has been able to acquire competitors, allowing the company to stay at the number one spot in probiotic dairy products.

Another result of the growth of Lifeway Kefir is that the company has been able to expand its product line, offering a wide range of options for those with varying taste.

Lifeway Kefir started offering its unique smoothie drinks and while these are still the foundation of the company, now customers can purchase organic kefir, frozen kefir, cheeses, and even supplements through Lifeway Kefir.

And, for those with children, Lifeway Kefir also offers its unique children’s line of products, ProBugs.

What Makes Lifeway Kefir Different

Since Lifeway started in 1986, the company has stayed dedicated to four very simple concepts, keeping them at the center of its mission.

These ideals include using all-natural, GMO free ingredients, protecting the environment, using sustainable farming, and giving back to the community. By staying so committed to these ideals, Lifeway has proven why it is so different.

A brief breakdown of the four Lifeway ideals can be found below. However, for more information on these concepts, interested parties can visit the company website.

Lifeway Kefir All-Natural And GMO-Free

The first pillar of what makes Lifeway different is found in the company’s commitment to using superior ingredients for its products.

As a result, Lifeway has enrolled its products with the Non-GMO Project, a non-profit that keeps tabs on companies and shares the information with enlightened consumers. Additionally, Lifeway only uses milk that is completely natural.

This means the milk has no hormones, no antibiotics, and no rBGH or rBST.

Lifeway Kefir Protecting The Environment

Because Lifeway is such a big company, its founders know that they play a huge role in protecting the environment. As a way of going green, Lifeway keeps all its packaging BPA-free and completely recyclable.

Finally, Lifeway is dedicated to renewable energy, purchasing credits to offset its electric footprint.

Lifeway Kefir Sustainable Farming

Not only is Lifeway committed to using local farmers for its milk, but it makes sure these farmers and all the company’s suppliers use sustainable practices.

In order to decrease the company’s footprint on the environment, this step is just one of many ways Lifeway protects the health and wellness of its customers.

Lifeway Kefir Philanthropy

Lastly, Lifeway is seen in its constant desire to support and help the community. At the moment, Lifeway is sponsoring ten worthy organizations, all with the goal of helping those in need.

Lifeway believes in saving lives, lightening burdens, and comforting children, so the company makes sure these ideals are represented in where and how it gives.

Purchasing Lifeway Kefir Products

Lifeway products are available at many grocery and health food stores across the country. To find Lifeway Kefir products nearby, customers can visit the location finder on the company website.

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