Effective workouts, accelerated weight loss, and lean muscle building are often enhanced by the use of aids. Without those muscle building aids, your muscle building and fat loss goals will take a bit longer to attain.

A category of muscle building aids is pre-workout supplements, which are designed to help improve your focus, give you explosive power and help you push your body faster and harder.

They are the fuel that fires you on, forcing muscle growth, increased pumps and a slimmer frame. One of these pre-workout supplements is MuscleSport’s Rhino Black Pumped.

What Is Rhino Black Pumped?

This is a pre-workout offering from Muscle Sport, a nutritional supplements company. Designed to help you get the most out of your workouts, it contains about 14 ingredients broken into 3 categories:

  • Cellular ATP Ignitor
  • Rhino Nox Pump Matrix
  • Nutrient Uptake Matrix

Some of the ingredients –choline and betaine specifically- used in this supplement have side effects such as fish odor sweat and breath.

Interestingly, a significant number of the listed supplements are only effective for cognition enhancement as against stimulation and explosive power in the gym. Now, if this was sold a predominantly cognition enhancing supplement, we’d say that makes sense.

But as a pre-workout supplement, many of the ingredients aren’t exactly necessary. Of all the listed ingredients, the most necessary ones are the Citrulline malate, taurine and selaginella tamariscina.

Our Thoughts On Rhino Black Pumped

We’ll give to the company, they’ve got great branding. But branding isn’t the goal of pre-workout supplements or any other supplements for that matter. You want to know who sells your supplements, their manufacturing process, and materials used.

Muscle Sports, has no known address –at least none on the website, company information or information on the people running the company. For us, this is a red flag. We believe that if you are going to ask people to ingest your supplements, the least you could do is let them know the team behind the formulations.

After all, it’s easy for anyone to blend a few food ingredients, brand them and sell them as muscle building supplements.

The second issue we have with this supplement is that it is lacking in major pump inducing ingredients. The average pre-workout supplement only contains key ingredients, and even then, those ingredients tend to be few –usually no more than 10.

But Rhino Black Pumped contains about 20 ingredients –a clean indicator that it may not be that specifically targeted at pre-workouts.

The third red flag for us is the use of proprietary blends of ingredients. Let’s be clear, proprietary blends don’t necessarily equal bad blends. It’s just no one except the manufacturers know the amounts or quantities of ingredients that they put inside.

This can be a dangerous thing if the consumer’s tolerance level for certain ingredients in the supplement is low. So, if you’ll be taking any pre-workout supplements with proprietary blends, understand the attendant risks.

As for us, we like to know how much ingredients we have in our supplements. And established, reputable nutrition companies agree with us by providing the necessary information on ingredients quantity and measurements.

That said, a quick peek at their Instagram account shows that they have a lot of followers and engagement on their posts. This shows global community acceptance and may indicate that people are actually getting great results from using their products.

The brand also seems very popular among muscle builders. So, it’s possible that bodybuilders trust their brand and agree that their supplements work. Whatever the case, tread lightly and be careful if you want to proceed with the Rhino Black Pumped pre-workout supplement.

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