What Is Turbo Heat 360?

The Turbo Heat 360 is an innovative new product designed to be used as a highly convenient, portable heather. It’s very simple to use and until now has only been available on TV.

How Does Turbo Heat 360 Work?

To use the heater it’s very simple, simply plug the heater into any wall socket in your home that is absent of any other type of heating source. Other heating sources that are common could include a central air type system or even a stem radiator. The Turbo Heater works with an innovative new method of heating. It has the ability to focus the heat in one singular direction that works anywhere. You can even use it when you are doing specific tasks. For example, it works great when working on your car or in a tight spot in the basement.

It's best for places that are not heated and can help you stay warm, ensuring that you don’t get cold while you work. Attics and crawl spaces are also great places you can use the heater to keep yourself warm while you work. It’s important for certain projects that may take time as well. Spending a lot of time in a crawl spaces and other cold areas can make work difficult.

The portable heater is safe as well. It doesn’t use any flame or combustion to put out heat and it makes it much safer to use if there are kids around the house. It’s also a great product for people who have pets as well, since there is no chance of them being injured by the product as well. The heater is designed so that even when plugged in, it will still remain cool to the touch since the surface of the heater doesn’t actually heat up. This feature isn’t necessarily true with other heaters you can purchase on the market. Since it always remains cool, you know that your pets and family will always be safe and never get burnt by the heater.

The heater is easy to use and runs safely on electricity. All you need to do is plug it into a socket. It could even be used off the end of an extension cord, but you’ll want to make sure the cord doesn’t get hung up on anything or snagged and that the heater is out of the way. You can easily control the temperature on the device as well by changing the temperature on the digital selector. It can be changed from a comfy sixty degrees to a warm ninety degrees.

There is even a convenient timer on the heater that will allow you to turn it on for up to a 12-hour cycle. It has a mode that allows it to turn off automatically as well, so you don’t have to worry about it staying on.

Turbo Heat 360 Summary

If you’re looking for a new portable heater that can safely keep you warm, the Turbo Heat 360 is ideal for you.

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