My Bikini Butt is a program that helps you reshape the appearance and muscle tone of your buttocks, hips, and thighs. It also claims to help you smooth out the cellulite on your body with the use of lower-body exercises.

What Is My Bikini Butt?

Even in cold weather, you need to prepare your body to be bikini-ready for the summertime. You might start working out and dieting to prepare yourself, but the stubborn cellulite underneath the surface of your skin can ruin your plans entirely.

Instead of a smooth and sexy surface, you've become embarrassed by the cottage cheese texture of your thighs and buttocks. If you want to feel great about your body on the beach or by the pool this summer, you should try out the My Bikini Butt regimen.

My Bikini Butt is a fitness regimen that helps you to eliminate the fat and cellulite that is keeping you from looking your best all season long.

When you work out, you can only control the fat that is just beneath the surface, but this type of regimen releases certain chemicals in your body to break down the cellulite.

The website doesn’t give you too much detail, which is probably an effort to preserve the knowledge for members only.

The only aspect of the My Bikini Butt program that seems a little strange is, the company requests that you keep the program to yourself. Most companies want to advertise the great success you will have, but the makers behind My Bikini Butt are the opposite.

They claim that your secrecy will help to make the results an “advantage” to the community.

About Cellulite

In order to understand how this regimen works, you need to understand the cellulite on your body. Cellulite is unlike the other fat that exists in your body, because it isn’t just a layer beneath the surface of your skin.

This substance is called “hormone fat” by the maker of the program. This fat has been starved of the oxygen it needs to be obliterated, which is often due to a lack of blood supply. These little clumps of fat need a different approach, if you want to eliminate it for good.

Cautions To Take While Using My Bikini Butt

The company warns against losing weight at a rapid pace. Monitor your first week of progress to make sure that your loss does not exceed 15lbs of weight lost. If it does exceed 15lbs, you need to decrease your workouts to just twice a week.

Even though it’s encouraging to see the fat being shed quickly, you should always focus on safely losing weight to maintain your health.

How Does My Bikini Butt Work?

According to the informational video on the website, there are three steps you need to take to activate an enzyme that utilizes your existing fat. When you activate the enzyme, you are able to lose weight and slim down.

There aren’t any details about these three steps, since you will gain access after payment.

It only takes you about 15 minutes to actually activate this enzyme, and you will learn tricks through the program. The enzyme is called AMPk, aka the SlimZyme.

By following along with the regimen described in My Bikini Butt, you can trigger the production and release of the enzyme by using lower-body exercise.

My Bikini Butt Disclaimer

The main concern with this program is the extreme results you find on the website. The maker of this program includes a small disclaimer on the website, which states that the results you see in the pictures is “not typical.”

While all of the women followed along with the workout and diet program, they are featured on the website for being the most dramatic results, rather than being the average outcome.

Even though the results are not the average expectation, the maker stands by the fact that you can get the same results if you just stick to the plan exactly. This remedy may boast astonishing success, but it is not a “miracle” cure.

You have to persevere in this plan in the same way you need to with any program.

If you are concerned with the effectiveness or the safety of this workout (or any other workouts), you should consult your physician.

My Bikini Butt Pricing

The pricing for the My Bikini Butt regimen is a little uninformative. Once you decide you want to try out the product, you are asked for your contact information.

After your contact information, the company says they will email you for additional information, but you receive no response. The website may still be under construction.

Additionally, when you enter your information, you are informed that there is a study in your city, regarding the results of this fitness challenge. The details are not specific, adding to more reasons you should be calling customer service.

Contacting My Bikini Butt

Since the website can be a little vague about crucial information you will need in the decision-making process, you may be better off referring your specific questions to their customer service team. You can reach them by email, phone, or physical mail.

The easiest way to speak with someone about the products is by just contacting the phone-based department, which is reachable at 512-649-3226 (main office) or 866-497-8092.

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t list any specific hours of operation, so you may have to choose a less direct route.

To email your questions, send your message to In spite of the fact that the company offers their mailing address, they state your best chances for a response are through phone or email.

My Bikini Butt Conclusion

The company that offers My Bikini Butt is a little difficult to understand, but the main idea is to activate certain enzymes and enrich your body with more oxygen to break down cellulite.

Even though the company claims that you take a “totally different approach,” it seems to just be a different way of working out. Your best chance at learning about the program is to call customer service.

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