Dust build up in our homes is to some degree unavoidable, and can accumulate before you know it! Dust is created by airborne particles of fine, dry matter from the surface of the ground.

It seems like you can never get rid of it, whether or not windows are open – although closed windows can help to prevent pollen and other pollutants from entering. The amount of dust that accumulates depends on where you live and the time of year.

So, if you’re looking for a product to help minimize the dust in your home, or to deal with it the most efficiently, the Orbit Duster is for you.

Conventional Dusting Versus The Orbit Duster

Conventional dusting methods, using feather dusters, or cloths, often only push the dust around, wiping it almost into the air simply for it to find another spot to rest.

The Orbit Duster features electrostatic bristles that attract dust particles to the brush similar to that of a magnet. Meanwhile, the suction vacuum in the Orbit Duster traps these dust particles so that they don’t go back into the air and makes for easy disposal.

Disposal, is often where the conventional method fails us, even when using a dustpan it’s common to leave some behind, or have it transfer back into the air when taking to the garbage.

The Orbit Duster ensures that you will be able to speed up your dusting process and that you will be able to effectively get rid of the dust and dispose of it with minimal mess involved – So confident, they’ve attached a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Orbit Duster Features

  • Electrostatic bristles attract dust like a magnet from all sides
  • Convenient and cordless
  • Super suction vacuum gets every dust particle
  • Dust collects in the cup for easy disposal
  • No need for spray polish and no dust shakes into the air
  • Compact, lightweight and cordless, you can virtually use anywhere
  • Powerful enough for the whole house, and gentle enough for collectibles and electronics

The Orbit Duster is describes as so efficient that you are able to cut down your dusting time by as much as half – given it’s powerful abilities to get it done right the first time.

How To Order The Orbit Duster

The Orbit Duster is only available online and costs $19.99 +$7.95 in shipping and handling.

Presently, you can order a second Orbit Duster absolutely free with this promotional offer (only pay for shipping)

The Orbit Duster Summary

The Orbit Duster Is Ideal For;

  1. Car interiors
  2. Electronic
  3. Picture Frames
  4. Ceiling Fans
  5. Table Tops and Legs
  6. And more!

Eliminating dust in your home isn’t only visually appealing, but beneficial to anyone who suffers with allergies as well.

There is no direct evidence that dust is responsible for causing asthma, however, anyone who suffers from it can be greatly impacted by dust in the home. With the Orbit Duster’s convenient design and ready to use it’s a perfect addition to anyone’s home.

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