Nu Skin ageLOC

Nu Skin ageLOC is a collection that helps consumers to improve the appearance of their skin as they age. The treatments target issues with firmness, smoothness and wrinkles throughout the body for optimum results.

What Is Nu Skin AgeLOC?

The process of aging is a necessary part of life, but that does not mean it comes without disadvantages. Some people adjust to the changes in their metabolism and muscle tone, but the appearance of the skin is usually what gives away someone’s natural age.

The body wrinkles because of lost nutrients, so it is important to support the new complexion throughout the body. That is when the ageLOC collection comes in.

The ageLOC collection is available through the Nu Skin brand, and its entire role is to help the skin restore the radiance of its youth. The treatments feature unique ingredients that are crucial to renewing the production of many different chemicals in the body. It targets the underlying causes of an aged appearance, making it necessary for many consumers.

Popular Products From Nu Skin ageLOC

There are plenty of assorted products that the ageLOC offers right now, but it is up to the consumer how they want to approach their anti-aging regimen. Read on below to find out more information about the way that some of the formulas help improve the complexion.

ageLOC® Tru Face® Essence Ultra

Tru Face Essence Ultra helps the consumer to improve the appearance of their face with the use of firming specialists. It employs the effectiveness of Ethocyn, which is only found with ageLOC products. However, the unique attribute of the blend is that the formula is available in a capsule.

Only one capsule is needed per use, and it can just be torn open to release the droplets. Consumers will need to apply the first two or three drops to the areas with the greatest need for attention.

Then, use the rest of the formula to smooth over the whole face. For the best results, the $188.00 serum should be applied twice daily as the final step in the user’s skincare regimen.

ageLOC® Body Shaping Gel

The Body Shaping Gel is used to help contour and smooth our aging skin, but with a quality that is usually only found in spa-quality products. The treatment is simply meant to support the youthful skin structure.

The treatment only needs to be used once daily on three days each week. It is meant for application all over the body, using the Galvanic Spa instrument. It should be wiped away at the end of the treatment.

The cost of the body shaping gel is $50.00.

ageLOC® Dermatic Effects

Dermatic Effects improves the firmness in skin, which is usually a matter of the lack of elastin in the skin after a certain age. By moisturizing the skin with the right formula, they can renew the tightness and radiance throughout the body, which is something that most antiaging remedies are not meant for.

The treatment needs to be applied to the body twice a day – in the morning and the evening. It can be used on the upper arms, thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. It offers the best results with the Body Shaping Gel.

This treatment is available for $50.00.

ageLOC® Elements

Rather than purchasing every product individually, some consumers will want to get the entire regimen together, keeping their skin youthful and purified. By choosing this package, consumers will receive the following products for $173.00:

  • ageLOC Gentle Cleanse & Tone
  • ageLOC Radiant Day SPF 22
  • ageLOC Transforming Night

The morning regimen requires the user to wash their face with Gentle Cleanse & Tone. Once the skin is rinse, the user can use one of the complementary treatments available with ageLOC. The last step will be to massage the sunscreen into the skin to ensure that the face is protected.

During the evening, consumers will repeat the first two steps, but will finish the regimen with Transforming Night.

Within this package, consumers should have enough of the treatment for a whole month of use.

Contacting The Creators Of ageLOC: Nu Skin

Even though Nu Skin offers plenty of information about the ageLOC collection, consumers may have other questions before they integrate any of the formulas into their routine. They offer both a phone number and an email address for users to contact the team.

Call the company at 1-800-487-1000 by selecting option 1. If the user is unable to reach the team via phone, they can also send a message to instead.

Nu Skin ageLOC Summary

Nu Skin ageLOC is meant for consumers that want to look as young as they feel, but while treating their face and the rest of their body. Too many companies only focus on the treatments for the user’s complexion on their face, when the rest of the body needs equal nourishment.

If you are wanting to renew your skin from head to toe, the ageLOC collection may have something for you.

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