The Jiobit is a GPS tracker for parents to keep up with their children when they are away. The device watches for patterns and usual locations to determine when the parent needs to be notified. It is not yet available for release, but consumers can pre-order to tap into special pricing.

What Is Jiobit?

Being a parent is a scary endeavor sometimes, especially when the children are ready to leave the nest to start going to school. There is something that can be frightening about being out of control about where a child goes, even if they pay close attention to helping them understand where to walk.

Short of driving the child everywhere, parents are left to trust their children to learn where to walk on their own, or that the other parents watching their children are reliable. Instead, parents can find peace of mind with the Jiobit.

Jiobit is a unique device that parents can use to make sure they know where their child is at all times. Children do not often have cell phones that they can just use to tell their parents where they are. The tracker gives precise details about where the child is, which will make any parent feel better about trusting them away from home.

It easily hooks onto any loop on a backpack or even on pants. The tracking is recorded in real-time.

The notifications can be regulated by the user, but it will tell the parent if:

  • The child wanders away in a group of people
  • The child heads to or from school/friend’s home/etc.
  • The child takes a new pattern to travel between two points
  • The child is with someone the parent authorized to watch them
  • The device is immersed in water, like in a washing machine

The whole goal of Jiobit is to help parents feel more secure about their child's safety, which is a necessary goal for anyone.

How Jiobit Works?

There are multiple components that make the Jiobit a wonderful way to improve a parent’s security with their child. The entire system came together as a combination of efforts between Motorola, Livongo Health, and Dell, which is a great foundation for the team.

The Jiobit is supported by the simple battery, which boasts long-lasting power. Even if the device is low on power, it will let the user know that it is time to power up. The battery supports multiple technologies, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and cell service, which make it easy to pinpoint exactly where the child it without wasting all the power.

Even with all this technology at the disposal of the user, the main concern of the parent may still be that they want the data collected about their child to stay secure. The whole design helps consumers to encrypt the information, which means that no one other than the parent will know where their child is.

It even defends the device against manipulation or anyone who may try to listen in. It follows the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA), which ensures the safety of anyone under age 13.

The Jiobit also learns the child’s routine. It will make a note of any of the usual places the child goes, along with the routes that they take to get their and unique patterns. These settings do not require any programming, and it will automatically notify the parent if the child goes a different way than they normally do.

Pricing For Jiobit

There are a few different payments that users need to be aware of to purchase the Jiobit for their child’s safety. First, the user needs to purchase the device, which is $149.99. The product will not be available right away, but consumers can still put in their order while they wait. The shipping fees are $5.00.

While the first year comes with a free subscription, subsequent years will cost $99.00 for each for the data service. The user will also need to cover a $9.99 global roaming charge.

If the user finds that the Jiobit does not fit their goals, the device can be returned within 30 days for a complete refund.

Contacting The Creators Of Jiobit

Even with the details provided on the Jiobit website, consumers may still want to learn more information before they trust their child’s safety to it. Consumers that want to speak with someone quickly can log onto the website to open a chat with a representative.

If the consumer is not near a phone, they can call (855) JIO-2848 instead.

Jiobit Summary

Jiobit gives parents stability in their child’s routine, ensuring that any reason for worry is eliminated. There’s notifications for any issues that arise in the child’s endeavors, so the people that the user trusts will be able to help when the child needs it most.

In this day and age, someone can never be too careful with their children. With Jiobit, consumers finally have the chance to have a say in how safe their child is while away from their sight.

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