This is just one of the male sexual supplements that are developed to enhance the overall performance of a man in bed. Technically, this product is more of a sexual pleasure enhancer than a performance booster.

It has been scientifically developed to intensify the orgasm of a man, which then assures you of total satisfaction and pleasure. The product will delay your ejaculation, so you will go for long and have a better orgasm in the end.

Ogöplex Benefits

Ogöplex is made differently from most of other supplements on the market, and it specifically helps to boost the pleasure of the man. That said, here is a look at the major benefits of the product;

  • Enhances the sexual capacity of the man
  • Delays orgasm for better pleasure
  • Promotes prostate health, which then enhances the climax
  • Promotes the urinary function
  • Boosts the overall sexual satisfaction

It is a unique supplement that is developed to promote the prostate health for the longest time possible.

Ogöplex Ingredients

The major driving force behind this product is the blend of natural ingredients that work together to deliver noticeable results. Each ingredient performs a specific function in the body. Here is a look at the active ingredients with each of their functions.

Saw Palmetto

This ingredient is known to contain properties that strengthen and tone the prostate, which then boosts the reproductive system. It will also prevent the prostate from swelling, along with other related ailments.


Zinc contains properties that boost the immune system, and promote recovery after an orgasm. This means that you can have several orgasms in one sex session.

GraminexTM Flower Pollen

This is another ingredient that helps to promote the prostate health, as well as enhance muscle toning.


Lycopene is known to be a natural antioxidant that prevents the free radicals from harming the body.

Swedish Flower Pollen Extract

This ingredient promotes the flow of urine and functions of the prostate.

Plant Phytosterols

This contains properties that promote the urinary flow and boost the overall prostate health.

In general, the ingredients have been blended to promote the prostate health and boost the quality of the orgasm/climax. With a healthy prostate, you can be sure of having a better sexual performance.

Is Ogöplex Healthy?

Quick answer, yes, Ogoplex is healthy. It comes with various natural ingredients that are extracted from plants. For that, you do not expose yourself to any danger when using the product.

Any Side Effects?

While this product might be considered healthy to use, it might have some side effects.

Nonetheless, the side effects could arise if the user is allergic to some ingredients. For instance, if the zinc level is too high in your body, you might experience nausea, headaches, vomiting, or dizziness. Always seek your doctor’s advice before using the product.


  •  It contains natural ingredients
  • It promotes prostate health
  • Enhances the man’s pleasure


  • Limited information on the official website
  • It doesn’t have a money-back guarantee
  • It cannot be taken along with specific supplements

Who Is The Best candidate?

Generally, there is no specific candidate for this product. It has been developed for any man that wants to promote their prostate health and enhance their sexual pleasure.

Ogöplex Summary

Ogöplex is one product that assures you of a healthy prostate health. It also improves the sexual pleasure by intensifying the orgasm. The zinc included helps to promote recovery, which allows you to get down to business after you have climaxed.

In the long run, it delivers pleasure to you and satisfaction to your woman because you can go for many rounds. Don’t forget to talk to your doctor before you use the product.

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