Consumers looking for an easier way to increase their daily nutrient intake might be interested in this fermented kale powder.

With just one to two scoops per day, users receive a range of essential vitamins and minerals that promote general health. Please read on to discover more about this convenient, organic kale supplement.

What Is Perfect Fermented Kale Powder?

Leafy greens are some of the most nutrient-dense and potent superfoods, with kale offering one of the widest ranges of health advantages. With obvious benefits like healthy skin, improved digestion, and decreased oxidative stress, kale even slows the aging process and boosts detoxification.

With fermentation, this super green is saturated with even more nutrients that help the body to fully digest and absorb it. With this probiotic function, the benefits are multiplied: digestion is even further improved, weight loss is promoted, and inflammation is decreased.

The organic, non-GMO kale is dehydrated and then fermented without the addition of any artificial ingredients or sweeteners. This supplement is therefore appropriate for consumers adhering to strict diets or trying to avoid allergens.

How Does Perfect Fermented Kale Powder Work?

Simply add one or two 3g scoops to any type of drink or food and enjoy. This powder blends into smoothies and juices, but can also be consumed with yogurt or even just water. It is recommended that users ingest this kale powder at least once per day to ensure that the daily target of nutrient intake is met.

Perfect Supplements has a section with smoothie, shake, and recipe ideas for inspiration.

Through the fermentation process, the kale is imbued with probiotics and naturally occurring enzymes that help it to be broken down and absorbed in the body. This ensures that all of its health benefits and healing properties are properly delivered, in addition to actually increasing the advantages by introducing more vitamins and minerals.

Perfect Fermented Kale Powder Ingredients

With 100% pure fermented kale and no additional ingredients or additives, this supplement directly delivers the multitude of health advantages of super greens in a convenient powder.

The kale harvested is USDA certified organic and grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides.

The powder itself is vegan, gluten-free, and compatible with even very strict diets.

Perfect Fermented Kale Powder Pricing

Directly through the Perfect Supplements website, one tub of 180 g is available for $24.95 with discounts offered on bulk orders of multiple Perfect products. At 3g per serving, this tub holds approximately 60 servings.

Amazon also sells the same size container for a slightly lower price of $23.95.

Should You Use Perfect Fermented Kale Powder?

Most Amazon reviewers seem to agree that this dehydrated kale supplement is nutrient-dense and can be easily added to smoothies, though it does have quite a strong flavor.

For this reason, this might be a good product for those wishing to absorb the benefits of kale in a convenient way if they are missing some nutrients or simply want to boost their vitamin and mineral intake further.

More information is available at

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