People who are looking for a new piece of home workout equipment will want to consider the up and coming product called Quiet Punch. Designed to offer users gym quality workouts at home without lots of noise or the need to mount a punching bag.

The Quiet Punch is a great option for elite level athletes or beginners alike who want a way to make their exercise routines more fun without sacrificing the challenge. Please read below to learn more about the Quiet Punch and how to place a pre-order.

What Is Quiet Punch?

Whether consumers are longtime boxers looking for an alternative to home punching bags or people just starting a workout routine the Quiet Punch may be worth giving a try.

The makers of this device have designed it to be easy to use regardless of skill levels and it can be used without punching gloves.

Currently the Quiet Punch is available through pre-order which means consumers who order now will be one of the first to have this in their home.

How Does Quiet Punch Work?

Quiet Punch is a brand new workout product designed to give users a high quality boxing workout in the comfort of their home. This unique system mounts within a standard size door frame and offers a quiet workout that can be done any time of day without disrupting family member’s sleep.

By using the tandem app users can gain access to loads of workouts designed to support athletes of all fitness levels.

People who travel regularly will appreciate that the bars are lightweight making them easy to move between doorframes and take along when traveling.

Quiet Punch Features

Designed for users of all skill levels the Quiet Punch is designed to be used with a series of workout videos helping people maximize their purchase.

All purchases include the lightweight punching bag, two lightweight mounting bars, and access to the tandem app. Users can simply attach their phone to the Quiet Punch mount using the included clip and make it easier to watch workout videos without sacrificing workout quality or intensity.

Designed to fit standard doorways and the package comes with four felt pads that can be used if the finishes on the door ways cause the device to slip.

Quiet Punch Pricing

Currently this piece of equipment is available for pre-order only. The pre-order period will start October 1, 2017 and orders are expected to be shipped starting in mid-December.

Interested consumers who anticipate ordering a Quiet Punch will want to sign up for the product’s email list to receive a special discount code they can apply to their order.

Email sign up and additional information can be found at

Each Quiet Punch will cost $119.00 and shipping within the United States is free. International orders are welcome and shipping is an additional $35.00.

Should You Use Quiet Punch?

The innovative door mount design of this punching bag offers users the flexibility to use in any room of the home or take along on business trips. Further details are available at

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