Cooking is a major issue for many individuals, especially cooking foods with low oil content is important to many people. When little oil is used to cook, the ingredients that have been put on the cooking utensil have a tendency to stick to its base.

This can not only cause the food to burn but can also cause major issues with rinsing and cleaning. There are now many non stick pans available in the market, but a majority of these products seem to be of poor quality because their non-stick layer begins to peel out soon.

What Is QuadraPan?

The Quadrapan is an all new die cast aluminium pan that has been designed to effectively help users cook and heat food without any issues of sticking, burning or cleaning.

The pan comes with a non-stick coating which allows substances to be prepared on it with ease and without the use of too much cooking oil.

QuadraPan Features

Some of the key features of QuadraPan include:

  • Cook 4 Items Simultaneously: due to its generous size and careful design which features 4 different sections, the pan can be used to prepare 4 dishes together. Alternative, the whole of the volume can be used for a singular preparation also.
  • Resistant: the aluminum used to construct the outer body has been prepared using special metallurgical techniques which allow it to be heated up to temperatures of 800 degrees.
  • Efficient: studies have shown that when the QuadraPan ™ is compared to standard non stick utensils, it is 4X times more energy efficient as well 4X times more compact.
  • Easy To Handle: the pan is cool to the touch because of the interlocking handles which make transitions from the stove top to oven easy
  • Multipurpose: due to its trendy design and modern features it can double up as a serving tray which can offer up to 4 dishes.

What Sets QuadraPan Apart?

Certain features set the pan apart from any other utensils available in the market today, these aspects include:

  • Oven Use: the pan can be used as a baking tray and can be safely used in heat or fan forced ovens.
  • Cera-Tech Technology: the pan has been made using a patented non-stick ‘cera tech’ layer which allows users to cook using less oil and without fears of burning their food.
  • PTFE And PFOA Free: there are no harmful synthetic chemical compounds that have been used to formulate the body of the pan, thus users can feel safe and assured that they are not putting any harmful additives into their systems.
  • No Extra Fat Or Oil Needed: cooking items like bacon, ham, beef can be done using very low quantities of oils because the pan uses the natural oil content of the meats to cook them.
  • Dishwasher Safe: it can be easily cleaned by simply placing in any conventional dishwasher. Due to its accessible design the QuadraPan can be effectively cleansed every time.
  • International Accreditation: the QuadraPan has been certified by the Good Housekeeping Institute as a safe and effective household utensil.

QuadraPan Accessories

There are a number of accessories that come along with the main pan, these include:

  • Trivet: a stainless steel trivet comes free along with every purchase.
  • Round Fry Pan: a deep bottom stainless steel pan is also included along with every QuadraPan.
  • Recipe Book: it comes with a quick and easy recipe book which allows users to prepare a number of dishes which contain less oil but are still delicious.

QuadraPan Reviews

The reviews regarding the pan have been highly positive, the users who have used this utensil claim that it is exactly as advertised and delivers every time it is utilized.

Some satisfied customers include Alexandra F. says that it has made her life extremely simple because she is able to prepare meals quickly and easily.

Similarly Leigh L. says that due to its innovative design the dirt comes off really easily, since it does not let any grease or fats stick on it cleaning the pan is extremely easy.

Lastly, Mike Wallis (professional cook and head chef) says that pan is highly versatile and durable making it a must have in any kitchen.

QuadraPan Pricing

The easiest and most convenient means of making a purchase is by placing an order online on their website. The pan can be bought using a one time payment method of $74.85 or through 3 easy installments of $24.95.

Shipping is free in both options and payment can be made using a host of safe and secure means including PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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