For many people, regular healthy sleep can be hard to maintain. The stressful nature of the body modern schedule has made insomnia and poor sleep hygiene extremely common, with more than 35% of the population suffering from a lack of sleep on a regular basis.

If the body isn’t provided with sufficient sleep, a wide range of negative health effects occur. Ongoing poor sleep hygiene causes impaired memory function, daytime drowsiness, inflammatory conditions, and a significantly increased chance of developing cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative disorders.

In an attempt to regulate poor sleeping cycles, many consumers turn to chemical and pharmaceutical sleeping pills to fall asleep.

Although these solutions are able to rapidly induce sleep, they are known to interfere with the REM cycle and don’t actually cause restful sleep, resulting in daytime drowsiness which makes it difficult to remain focused and productive.


The root cause of most cases of temporary insomnia or an inability to sleep is caused by blue wavelength light emitted from digital devices.

More than 70% of the population frequently uses digital devices such as laptops or smartphones before sleep. The body secretes a hormone called melatonin in order to induce the onset of sleep, which is released in the brain.

Blue wavelength light emitted by digital devices, however, agitates the optic nerve and prevents the release of melatonin in the brain, preventing sleep onset.

One of the most effective ways to promote healthy sleep without the use of pharmaceutical chemicals is with melatonin supplements. REMfresh is a groundbreaking new melatonin supplement that uses a unique formula to promote healthy, regular sleep with no negative side effects.

In this article, we’ll check out the REMfresh formula and find out what makes it different from other melatonin supplements to help you decide whether it’s the right sleep solution for you.

What Is REMfresh?

REMfresh is an innovative new melatonin supplement that provides individuals suffering from ongoing insomnia and difficulty attaining sleep with a proven, effective, and reliable alternative to dangerous and harmful hypnotic sleep drugs.

The REMfresh formula offers a number of advantages over other melatonin supplements. Manufactured entirely in the United States, REMfresh is the only melatonin supplement that has been clinically proven to deliver a full 7 hours of coverage.

The unique compound in the REMfresh formula is protected by several patents, and offers a time-release delivery system that continuously boosts the melatonin levels of the body.

REMfresh is able to assist consumers in remaining asleep for longer, promote healthier and longer REM sleep duration, speed up sleep onset, and doesn’t cause any of the unwanted side effects associated with chemical sleeping pills.


The REMfresh Formula

The REMfresh formula is extremely simple and contains only one active ingredient- melatonin, in the form of Ultramel. This unique melatonin compound is produced in the European Union exclusively for REMfresh, and adheres to extremely strict European purity regulations, delivering a 99% purity level.

The biggest advantage offered by the REMfresh formula, however, is the time-release technology incorporated into the delivery method.

REMfresh utilizes Ion-Powered Pump technology that causes the supplement to release additional doses of melatonin while traveling through the intestinal tract for up to 7 hours, mimicking the natural melatonin release of the body.

The Science Behind REMfresh

REMfresh is supported by a significant amount of clinical evidence. An extensive meta-analysis of clinical investigations covering almost 2000 separate individuals was conducted by the University of São Paulo Medical School in 2013, assessing hundreds of different sleep trials.

The investigation concluded that melatonin, when used as a sleep supplement, is able to increase total sleep time, speed up sleep onset, and improve overall sleep quality. The study also determined that continuous use of melatonin supplements has no negative health impact and doesn’t lower the efficacy of melatonin as a sleep aid over time[1].

A more recent investigation was performed by the US Department of Military and Emergency Medicine in 2014, which assessed more than 70 different individual clinical trials.

This investigation, performed by the Department of Defense, found that melatonin is a powerful and effective treatment for jet lag and insomnia, providing further evidence to support the use of melatonin as a sleep supplement.

REMfresh Verdict

REMfresh is a completely unique offering in the saturated natural sleep supplement market, and is the only melatonin solution that delivers 99% pure European melatonin isolate. The innovative delivery method employed by REMfresh to provide the body with melatonin ensures that sleep cycles remain undisturbed and regular, promoting total body wellness.

REMfresh is a powerful sleep supplement that is able to deliver lasting relief from insomnia and poor sleep hygiene with no negative health impact. If you’re suffering from poor sleep and are looking for a natural alternative, REMfresh Advanced Sleep Formulation is a great option.


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