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Carbohydrates can cause unsafe levels of glucose in your blood.

What Is CoffeeGenic?

The CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Supplement will help you keep the glucose in your blood from spiking and causing health issues.

Carbohydrates are processed into sugar by your body, and they can cause an unsafe spike in blood sugar when you eat them. It is important to try to regulate this so you don’t become ill or see any adverse effects due to this spike.


CoffeeGenic Benefits

Other benefits of the CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Supplement include:

  • It will help prevent glucose spikes from eating carbohydrates
  • When you eat carbs, it can cause a spike in your blood sugar, which can cause health issues over time.
  • This extract is pulled from the green coffee beans, which has the highest concentration of the ingredients that helps regulate the glucose spikes from carbs
  • It has 50% chlorogenic acids, which is the maximum potency for this type of supplement. Many supplements try to duplicate the effects with much less than 50%, but it just does not work the same
  • It can help you control the enzymes in your body that break apart complex sugars into glucose. This will help inhibit absorption into your body, so they are passed through without becoming an issue
  • A 400mg dose of this supplement has shown to cause a 24% drop in blood sugar after eating (with the 200mg dose showing a 12% drop)
  • By inhibiting too much sugar absorption, you can see a boost in cardiovascular health and a healthy metabolism
  • This supplement comes from a natural compound found in coffee plants, and is a great supplement to help regulate your glucose without chemical pharmaceuticals
  • Chlorogenic acid helps increases the signal for the insulin receptors in your liver. This helps trigger insulin response to combat high levels of glucose in your body

How CoffeeGenic Benefits Me

The CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Supplement can help you control the sugar levels in your blood, even if you eat sugar. This can help you control your blood sugar levels and can ensure that you don’t see any adverse effects of eating carbs.

CoffeeGenic Creators

The CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Supplement is made by a company called Life Extension. Life Extension specializes in supplements and health products that they sell in their store online.


Purchasing CoffeeGenic

The CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Supplement is normally available for $32.00 plus shipping and handling, but right now it is on sale for $24.00. For information on this sale and the availability of this pricing, visit their website for details.

If you purchase 4 or more bottles, you will get each one for only $21.00.

CoffeeGenic Summary

If you have to watch what you eat because of your blood sugar, need help regulating your blood sugar after you eat carbs, or just want to try a new supplement to try to control your intake, the CoffeeGenic Green Coffee Supplement may be the right one for you to try.

It is the most concentrated supplement available and can help you regulate the glucose that comes from eating carbs.

For more information on how this supplement works and how it can help you regulate your glucose levels, visit their website for more details.

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