Solomon's Secret

As people age the brain can naturally start to struggle to learn and retain new information or remember details that people have known for decades.

Solomon's Secret is a nootropic drug designed to help people improve their brain function leading to better memory and recall.

Many users have found great benefit by taking this supplement. Please read below to learn more about this memory boosting supplement and how to purchase a bottle.

What Is Olympus Wellness Solomon's Secret ?

Whether people are starting to notice signs of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease or just want to improve their ability to learn new skills this supplement may make a difference.

Formulated by an archeologist who was inspired by the bible, this supplement combines a mixture of all-natural ingredients that boost the brain's ability to remember as well as learn. King Solomon was considered the wisest ruler according to the Bible, Solomon’s wisdom was greatly respected by his many followers which is where this supplement is inspired from.

Additionally, Solomon's Secret may help reduce depression and reduce the severity of Alzheimer’s. When taken daily this supplement may help improve both short and long term memory as well as improve eth user’s ability to recall dates and details.

Consumers looking to improve their ability to focus or recall information will appreciate this supplements formula. Olympus Wellness Solomon's Secret promises to reduce brain fog and improve cognitive function in people of all ages. If users purchase this product and are not satisfied they are protected under a 180 day money back guarantee.

How Does Solomon's Secret Work?

Olympus Wellness Solomon's Secret is deeply inspired by Biblical plants that have been used as part of traditional medicine practices for centuries to enhance brain functions like memory and cognitive recall as well as learning.

Users of any age can benefit from taking this supplement including elderly, college students, or adult professionals who just want to improve their mental function. This supplement may be a good option for people who are looking for a way to improve their ability to learn and retain new information or skills. It may help people be less forgetful and have sharper, clearer thinking.

Users of Secret of Solomon may start to notice a change in their memory or cognitive function within a few as three days. This supplement does recommend taking regularly for sustained period of time for best results.

Adult users simply take one capsule per day with plenty of water. For maximum support users can take a second capsule a few hours after the first for best mental support.

There is a wide range of scientific studies that point towards this supplement being effective, interested consumers can view the video online at Each of these studies was done on human subjects conducted blindly and with both placebo and real ingredients.

Solomon's Secret Ingredients

Adults of any age can benefit by taking a memory supplement. Solomon's Secret by Olympus Wellness combines a mixture of ingredients that work together to boost cognitive function including learning, memory, and recall.

Additionally this supplement promises to reduce depression and enhance users’ ability to remember important details and learn new skills more easily. Secret of Solomon appears to support the body when taken for a longer period of time.

A brief overview of ingredients is covered below; a bit more information is available through the company’s video.

Bacopa monnieri is also known as water hyssop and used in traditional medicine practices like Ayurvedic for its ability to enhance cognitive function. Olympus Wellness Solomon's Secret contains high doses of this nootropic herb which naturally boosts cognitive function as well and recall.

Bacopa monnieri also works with dopamine within the body to help improve mood and prevent depression. Research has also shown that amino acids sourced from certain areas of chickens and cows can also support memory.

It appears that that this supplement utilizes the amino acid PS which comes from animals and has been shown to prevent memory loss while enhancing recall. Additionally this supplement contains Rhodiola Rosea which is a Scandinavian herb that has been shown to naturally support brain function. This herb also supports the body in dealing with stress both mental and physical.

When added to supplements this herb helps improve user’s ability to process information more easily and improve mental clarity. Secret of Solomon by Olympus Wellness also contains gingko biloba which is an all-natural ingredient commonly added to supplements for its ability to enhance cognitive function and mental clarity.

Lastly, DMAE is added for its ability to support cognitive function within the elderly, this ingredient is used in nootropic drugs aimed at improving cognitive function.

Olympus Wellness Solomon's Secret is manufactured in a FDA certified facility in the United States. All purchases of this supplement come with a full money back guarantee within the first 180 days of use.

Solomon's Secret Pricing

Interested consumers can purchase this supplement online through

A one month supply provides consumers one bottle of by Olympus Wellness Secret of Solomon for $69.00. Purchases of three bottles save consumers an extra ten dollars off per bottle. A six month supply will save consumers even more money because each bottle is just $49.00.

All purchases of Secret of Solomon come with a 180 day money back guarantee.

Shipping is only available within the United States. Purchases of multiple bottles ship for free.

Should You Use Solomon's Secret ?

The entire website relies on a video to help consumers learn about this product. By watching the video interested consumers can learn a bit more about the products ingredients as well as its deep inspiration coming from the Bible.

People who are desperately seeking a way to enhance their cognitive ability may want to consider Solomon's Secret along with other similar products. It is recommended that consumers go with a product that has better ingredient transparency and a more sophisticated website.

The 180 day money back guarantee does take the pressure off if consumers want to give Solomon's Secret a try but then end up being unsatisfied with the results.

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