Before we explore the pros and cons of the product at hand, we should learn a bit more about tea and its many useful properties. In recent years, there are many scientists who have found that when looked at more closely, tea contains a special compound called catechins (antioxidants), that can help increase the body's ability to burn fat as fuel. Not only that, these antioxidative agents have also been shown to help increase muscle endurance and enhance our stamina. More recently, the Mayo Clinic has released a study stating that drinking tea could actually help reduce the risk of heart attack.

What Is 10th Avenue Tea?

According to data available online, we can see that 10th Avenue Tea was founded by “two tea-loving, tree-hugging, entrepreneurial moms” Ann Foley and Morgan Walsh. Ann was the youngest of seven children and was born into an entrepreneurial family that laid a lot of emphasis upon creativity and leadership. Similarly, Morgan is an actress, podcaster and the co-founder and vice president of 10th Avenue Tea. Together, the ladies worked towards creating new ‘tea blends’ that could appeal to a large number of consumers through means of their taste and overall potency.

At this point it is also important to mention that upon conducting initial market research, Ann realized that the average tea drinker consumes three cups per day. This translates to over 1,000 tea bags and other tea-related waste per person per year. All of this excess waste is usually sent to a landfills., thereby contributing to the buildup of garbage in the world.Thus, as a result of all this, 10th Avenue Tea was born.

10th Avenue Tea Benefits

Some of the other benefits/ advantages of tea consumption include:

  • Low caffeine: when compared to coffee, tea has been found to contain less caffeine per serving.
  • Circulatory Benefits: as mentioned in the opening paragraph, there are certain ingredients within tea that can potentially reduce our risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Weight Management: when consumed on a frequent basis, the oxidizing agents contained within tea may help us with weight loss.

What Makes 10th Avenue Tea Special?

  • Eco Friendly: one of the key aspects of 10th Avenue Tea is the fact that it provides tea lovers with a convenient and eco-friendly way to enjoy their favorite beverage.
  • Consumability: the tea variants can are highly versatile and can be ingested hot or iced. Not only that, the powders are highly mixable and can be added to smoothies, cocktails and a variety of other recipes.
  • Patented: as a result of extensive product development, the company has found an innovative way to achieve environmental safety goals through the various tea products that are available to users.
  • Additive free: all of the products are free of sugars, fillers and preservatives.
  • Customizable tea strength: there is a metal shaker bottle available for purchase that allows customers to make the tea to their liking. This means that the strength, color and taste of the mixture can be altered and manipulated to suit our needs.
  • Community Interaction: through looking up some statistics online, it can be seen that 10th Avenue Tea supports various women-owned businesses and organizations. In addition to this, the company has also partnered with iFund Women to donate a portion of their benefits for women-led startups and other small businesses.

What Are The Various Flavors Available?

There are many unique blends that users can choose from. The core options include Green Tea Matcha, Chai Matcha, Black Tea Matcha, Berry Herbal, Dirty Matcha, Mint Mocha Matcha and Tropical Matcha.

Matcha is a unique green tea leaf that is known to help deliver a host of medical benefits within a short span of time. The herb is widely used in Japan but is quite new in the west. Interested users can do a quick search on this natural extract and read about its various amazing properties.

Where Can I Buy 10th Avenue Tea Products?

All orders can be placed on the manufacturer's official website. The prices of the individual flavors can vary between $8.99 to $10.99. Users can click on any variant and check out its unique properties and active ingredients. Payments can be completed via safe means such as PayPal, Maestro and Visa.

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