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Technology Profits Confidential is an email newsletter published by Agora Financial. Find out if the newsletter is worth the price today in our review.

What is Technology Profits Confidential?

Technology Profits Confidential is a monthly email newsletter that promises to give you hot stock tips related to technology.

The email newsletter is part of a recent online marketing campaign sent out by Ray Blanco. You can view Ray’s statement in the form of a video or an online transcript. Ray describes how the November 8th US election has paved the way for certain marijuana stocks to skyrocket by 300% or more overnight.

In order to discover those marijuana stocks, Ray encourages you to sign up for Technology Profits Confidential. If you do that, you’ll receive an eBook called “Four Incredible Marijuana Stocks…For a Six-Figure Payday.”

Like other Agora Financial newsletters, Technology Profits Confidential comes bundled with several other eBooks. The new offer page (released in November 2016) also has all of the same sales strategies we’ve seen on other Agora Financial sales pages, including countdown timers, lengthy videos, and the opportunity to get rich quick by reading their stock tips.

The recent marketing offer is being promoted throughout December

Is Technology Profits Confidential worth the $50 per year price tag? Let’s take a closer look at the value you get from Technology Profits Confidential.

What Will You Learn in Technology Profits Confidential?

Technology Profits Confidential is a monthly email newsletter (you can sign up to receive a print version of the newsletter as well for $10 more). The email newsletter promises to teach you “confidential” information about tech stocks and their future direction.

When you subscribe to Technology Profits Confidential, you’re getting long email newsletters every month. However, you also receive weekly email updates and flash alerts when Agora Financial recommends making a move in the market.

Essentially, Technology Profits Confidential is a collection of stock tips specifically related to technology. Like many other stock tip newsletters, Technology Profits Confidential promises to give you in-depth information about companies before their stocks make a major move.

In one newsletter, you might learn about a wireless power generation company, for example. In other, you might learn about the creator of a new app that’s about to make a major move in the market.

The monthly email newsletter is written by Ray Blanco. Ray’s bio page describes him as “an expert in advanced robotics, avionics, genomics and biotechnology.”

What’s the Marijuana Marketing Offer Thing?

To promote Technology Profits Confidential, Ray recently released a marketing page filled with information about marijuana stocks and the reason they could jump by triple digit percentages in the near future.

Ray teases you with this information to get you to buy his eBook, “Four Incredible Marijuana Stocks…For a Six-Figure Payday.” The only way to get access to that eBook is by signing up for Technology Profits Confidential.

Ray’s marketing campaign is a bit misleading: his eBook is advertised as being “free” – but you still need to sign up for the $50/year email newsletter to receive it.

What Will You Learn in Four Incredible Marijuana Stocks?

Four Incredible Marijuana Stocks is a short eBook created by Ray Blanco. The eBook is bundled with your subscription to Technology Profits Confidential.

In this eBook, Ray describes the specific reasons why the marijuana industry is prepared to boom (hint: it’s because new states are legalizing recreational marijuana usage every year).

Ray ties this information back to the US elections in November, when states like California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Florida voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. After this election, marijuana stocks in each of these states skyrocketed. Ray wants to identify the next states – and the next stocks – that will make a similar jump.

Once you get past Ray’s marketing, you’ll learn the point of his story: he wants you to buy penny stocks in marijuana. Yes, just like any industry, the marijuana industry has penny stocks.

Why are penny stocks so important to Ray? Ray doesn’t advocate long-term investing in his newsletter. He claims it takes too long to make money:

“With a big “blue chip” stock, it can take years… even decades for a $50 share to double… and turn into $100.”

Ray advocates more of a “get rich quick day trader” approach, where you can buy a 25 cent penny stock in the morning and sell it for $2 by 3pm.

Of course, the problem with penny stocks is timing. Nobody knows the direction a penny stock will go.

That’s where Four Incredible Marijuana Stocks wants to help. This eBook teaches you about the marijuana penny stocks currently preparing for a massive jump in value. Ray cites the story of a marijuana biotech company named Abattis Bioceuticals Corp., which was trading for 2.5 cents per share back in January 2014, before gaining 9108% as recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado.

Ray cites a number of other stocks, claiming that a $500 investment would have turned into $25,000.

Ultimately, Four Incredible Marijuana Stocks is your introduction to the world of penny stocks in the marijuana industry. Ray lists four stocks from companies that have the potential to make big gains. Ray has specifically found companies that meet five strict requirements:

1) The company must be innovative

2) The company must defy the industry norm

3) The company must offer a better product than competitors at a cheaper price

4) The company must have strong financial backing

5) The company must have an urgent catalyst (like upcoming legalization of recreational marijuana)

If you want to learn about these companies, then you’ll need to buy Technology Profits Confidential and get the free bundled report.

What Else is Included with Technology Profits Confidential?

Your subscription to Technology Profits Confidential includes 12 issues of Technology Profits Confidential (one issue per month) along with the marijuana penny stocks eBook. There are also three other bonuses, including several we’ve seen bundled with other Agora Financial products. Those bonuses include:

-Bonus #1: Air-Dropped Profits: On Time and Remote Controlled: You’ve heard about drones. Now, this eBook wants to help you make money off drones.

-Bonus #2: Invisible Power: From Tesla’s Lab to your Home: Ray calls it “invisible power”, but we know it as “wireless charging”. Ray claims it’s only going to get bigger in the future, so you should invest now before it booms.

-Bonus #3: The Three Hidden Companies Driving the Virtual Reality Revolution: Agora Financial has promoted this eBook on its own sales page before. The eBook describes the specific companies that are going to profit most from the upcoming explosion of virtual reality technology.

All of these reports are included for free with your purchase of Technology Profits Confidential.

Technology Profits Confidential Pricing

Technology Profits Confidential has the same pricing policy as other Agora Financial newsletters. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Silver ($49 / Year)

-Online only

-4 free reports and monthly issues

Gold ($89 / Year)

-Print and online

-4 free reports and monthly issues mailed to your door

Platinum ($79 / Year)

-Print and online

-4 free reports and monthly issues delivered to your door

-1 free additional report

Obviously, this pricing policy is designed to push you towards the Platinum option, which is actually cheaper than the Gold option. However, if you just want to gain access to the Technology Profits Confidential, including the four bonus reports (like the marijuana report), then your $49 fee gets you in the door.

All newsletter purchases come with an automatic renewal. One year after you signed up, you’ll be automatically renewed for an additional year at the same price. You can cancel at any time.

Your purchase also comes with a 100% refund guarantee for a full year. You can receive a full refund at any time during your one year subscription and the bonus reports are yours to keep.

Who is Ray Blanco?

Ray Blanco is listed as the “Chief Technology Officer” of Technology Profits Confidential. Why does an email newsletter need a CTO? I don’t know.

You can learn more about Ray at his Agora Financial bio page here. He’s listed as the editor (not CTO) of Technology Profits Confidential and the editor of Agora Financial’s FDA Trader. He also contributes to Breakthrough Technology Alert and Tomorrow in Review, two other email newsletters.

In terms of his professional background, Ray has a bachelor’s degree in information technology from Hodges University. After earning his degree, Ray spent a decade working for public and private companies as a network technician and systems analyst. He also used to work for a private wealth management firm with over $30 billion in assets under management (doing IT work, not as a financial manager).

Ray joined Agora Financial in 2009, where he combined his love of technology with a passion for stocks. The end result is Technology Profits Confidential.

Should You Sign Up for Technology Profits Confidential?

Technology Profits Confidential is another newsletter from Agora Financial. The newsletter is currently being marketed online through a sales page that recommends buying marijuana stocks. In order to learn which marijuana stocks to buy, you’ll need to sign up for the Technology Profits Confidential monthly newsletter, after which you’ll receive access to the four free reports.

The newsletter costs $50. One of the best parts about Technology Profits Confidential is that all purchases come with a 100% refund policy that lasts one full year: you can request a refund at any point during the year, and you’ll even get to keep your free reports after.

Ultimately, Technology Profits Confidential is a stock tips newsletter that comes bundled with some intriguing reports. The best thing we have to say about the newsletter is that it comes with a rock-solid refund policy – so it’s a risk-free purchase on your end.

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