The addition of Omega-3 oils to our diets is something that has been a life changer for so many of us. The numerous health benefits related to Omega-3’s, along with the science to prove a deficiency can have radical effects on our health, have caused vitamin companies to spend tremendous amounts of time and research on the best sources.

What you may not have realizes, is that Omega-3 fish oils have had a profound effect on our ecosystems, and will naturally carry any harmful substances or chemicals found in our oceans and streams where these fish are sourced.

We All Need Omega-3’s

As we age, our need for Omega-3 oils increases as it contributes to our mental and physical fitness. Maintaining your youthfulness requires some extra attention from the polyunsaturated fatty acids produced by Omega-3’s. These fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA are beneficial for your heart health. Research shows that ingesting DHA additionally helps to maintain healthy and normal brain functioning, and that including the Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet will slow down aging and brain degeneration.

We Don’t Naturally Produce Them

Because our bodies don’t naturally produce Omega-3’s, it is recommended they be taken as a supplement. By choosing Testa Omega-3 Algae Oil, you can have the full benefits Omega-3’s have to offer. Testa does not extract their Omega-3’s from fish, rather they extract it from cultivated algae, making them a number one choice for vegans as well. With this process, you can be assured Testa Omega-3’s are free from metals, dioxins, and PCB’s. Not only are Testa Omega-3’s better for you, they are better for our environment as well.

Omega-3’s Have Been Traditionally Extracted From Fish

Traditionally extracted from fish, it has been determined that this is not the healthiest method for your body, or for the environment. Although one third of the oxygen we need is produced by trees and plants, the rest comes from our oceans. Global fishing, along with pollution have dramatically disrupted the marine ecosystems. To clarify things a little bit in relation to the production of fish oils, it is the fish oil industry that is globally responsible for 25% caught for the purposes of making Omega-3 fish oils. In addition to these numbers, fish do not produce their own Omega-3’s just like us, they get it from consuming algae.

Testa Extracts From Algae, Just Like Fish Do

Testa extracts all of its Omega-3’s from algae, just like the fish do, and it’s done on land or in large ponds. This allows constant access to clean water and allows for control over the growing process which has resulted in a 100% pure plant based supplement. The result is a plant based algae source of Omega-3’s that does not include heavy metals, dioxins, PCB’s, or other pollutants. All that is left are the health benefits derived from using an Omega-3 supplement, one that will offer your brain, heart, eyes, skin, and immune system the Omega-3’s they need to remain at optimal and youthful functioning.

Through the determination of creating a healthier Omega3 sector, the creators of Testa decided to develop the healthier alternative for their customers. Why would anyone choose the original formula and extraction over a method that will save the environment and ecosystems while really improving the lives of their consumers.

Testa Omega-3 Algae Oil Suggested Use

Take one (1) vegan softgel a day with a glass of water just before a meal. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

The addition of Testa Omega-3 Algae Oil to a balanced diet is what you need to remain healthy, agile, and youthful. These vegan softgels are healthier, and ethically and environmentally superior than other brands. You can be confident that what you are putting into your body to contribute to your health is doing just that. Your body and the environment are equally as important to your health and well being, Testa is just offering you the healthiest choice you can make. Even if you are vegan, you can now enjoy the numerous health benefits associated with adding Omega-3’s to your routine.

As you age, your body will require more help to remain healthy. The health benefits of Omega-3’s such as heart health, brain health, the health of your joints and your immune system; these are all powerful components to how you will age, and how you will feel in the process. If you are eating well, exercising, and getting enough rest, you will still require the addition of Testa Omega-3 Algae Oil to ensure your body is functioning and thriving at optimum capacity. Whether you are vegan or not, committed to environmental sustainability, or just want the best source of Omega-3 you can buy, Testa has created this product just for you.

Purchasing Testa Omega-3 Algae Oil

Testa Omega-3 Algae Oil can be purchased online for €22.95 for a 60 capsule bottle.

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