Are you thinking about buying the 4 Week Diet System? Do you want to know if the promises are real and that it can help you get the body you want within the stipulated time-frame? If yes, this unbiased review of Brian Flatt’s 4 Week Diet System should help you decide if it’s worth it or just another potential waste of time.

When most people think about losing considerable amounts of body weight in a very short time, it’s usually because they have an upcoming event like a high school reunion, wedding, or just have a few weeks left to the beginning of summer. The goal usually is to get their bodies in shape just in time for event.

We mention this because not many people are often willing to go through brutal regimens to attain their weight loss goals. Sure, they want to get ripped and look lean. But when it comes to doing the work, many just chicken out.

Brian Flatt’s Four Week Diet System promises to help you lose as much as 12 lbs in 28 days or less… without grueling workouts, starving yourself to death or eating bland low calorie meals. Is this true? Well, read on for the comprehensive review.

What Is The 4 Week Diet System?

According to the author, Brian Flatt, this dieting system is designed to help you shed unwanted fat using a health based and eating system that’s designed to help your body melt fast pretty quickly, even more than any other product in the market.

The first thing that jumped out at us was the claim that his methods are so “revolutionary”, that it beats every other method or program. That’s a huge claim seeing as there are other more established programs out there. But more on that later.

This eBook breaks down the foods that are dangerous to your health and those that result in weight gain. The idea is that once you can identify these foods, you can then make an informed choice on the foods that you eat and those you should avoid. His emphasis really is on sugars, junk foods and many more sneaky calorie laden foods that you’re not even aware of.

The program has various sections on nutrition, dieting regimens, foods, recipes and exercising. Talking about exercising, he mentions that exercise is optional. The program guarantees that you will still lose weight and up to 12 pounds by simply following the recommended foods and recipes, even without the aid of exercise.

But, Brian clearly states that exercising will help move things farther along faster, and even help you lose more than the intended 12 pounds. And you don’t need any equipment or gym registration. Most of the workouts in the book are pretty easy to do and can be done anywhere.

How is it Different from Other Weight Loss Programs?

First, the program is holistic and is for anyone who needs to lose weight. What we liked about the program is its attention to sustainability. You see, many dieting programs are designed to just help you lose weight, and that’s it.

Not the 4 Week Diet System. The author recommends that you pay attention to your weight after the regimen is completed. So if your weight exceeds more than above 3lbs of your target weight, you’ll have to go back on the program. As far as we’re concerned, this conscious lifestyle change and weight monitoring gives the program an edge over many others.

Our Thoughts

As a result of the author’s claims, we researched him and his background. Of course there are mentions of him as a seasoned nutritionist and fitness expert. What we found lacking was concrete proof of who he is or where his office is located.

There have been claims that he runs a Rev Fitness outfit somewhere in Southern California, but we couldn’t find which one he runs. We also noticed that there were only two pictures of “him” circulated on the web.

From experience however, anyone who runs a successful health and fitness outfit, and is a certified fitness expert and nutritionist should have way more pictures or even videos of him online these days.

Now, it’s very possible that there’s a real fitness expert and he authored the system/ebook, but seeing just those two pictures over and over gave us cause to pause. We’re not saying he’s not legit, we just think it’s weird to not find more mentions of him online is all.

About his health-based system, most dieting programs are usually health-based. So, that doesn’t really give his system any advantages.

That said, we like the system’s weight loss approach. Truth be told, all effective weight loss and dieting systems are predicated on a calorie input output ratio. If you eat foods with very low calorie value, your body will most likely convert the stored fat into energy in the bid to compensate for your body’s lacking energy, thus ensuring that you start losing the excess weight.

We also liked the access to a wide range of delicious low calorie, affordable recipes that you can make and eat. As far we’re concerned, this gets top scores. Most dieters often have to struggle with bland tasting low calorie meals that deprives them of their favorite foods. And when the foods are delicious, they can be real expensive. It’s the reason many are unable to go through with those diets.

The 4 Week Diet System incorporates all the foods you love in specific measurements and quantities so that you can still enjoy your foods, whilst shedding the weight. It fills the sweet spot between affordable and delicious as well as effective.

This is a winner in our books.

This is one of the best things about the program. So, it doesn’t matter if you eat meat, are a vegan or vegetarian, you will find awesome recipes that will work for you in the book.

So, if you do like the sound of that, you can always try the program. The good news is he offers an iron clad money 30-day money back guarantee. This will give you more than enough time to see if his method truly works. And if it doesn’t, you can simply request a refund.

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