Aging is feared for a number of reasons, particularly for its effects that it has on our mental and physical health. The fading of one’s natural beauty is unavoidable, however research has shown that one's mental acuity can be maintained well into our old age.

Here, it is important to discuss the role of nootropics. Nootropics are a class of supplements that have been designed to keep our cognitive faculties running at a high level.

They work in a number of different ways such as lubricating our neural pathways, increasing brain cell growth/formation, and can allow people to achieve benefits like enhanced focus, increased clarity, heightened awareness.

Also, modern supplements have infused nootropics with memory enhancers which allow for increased data retention and reproducibility.

This makes such supplements beneficial for even younger folks, as people working in high pressured jobs have to always retain and store large volumes of information on a near day to day basis.

What Is Actus?

Actus is an all new nootropic ‘brain enhancer’ that allows for the stimulation of our cranial work sites.

This allows users to reap a host of memory and cognition related benefits. Another key aspect of Actus is its formula, all of the added ingredients have been studied quite carefully and have scientific data to back up their claims.

Thus, users can be assured that they are only receiving the highest quality nutrients.

Actus Benefits

Some of the key benefits of sustained use include:


is obvious, since there are many nootropics in the mix, the supplement is able to increase the transfer rate of stimuli between our brain and other organs. This allows for users to remain focused and concentrated on the task at hand, thereby increasing overall productivity.


there are also many potent stimulants in Actus. These compounds help in optimizing the working of our metabolic centers. When metabolic activity is being performed at a high level, it becomes easier for the body to produce more energy and thus feel more vital and alive.

Brain Performance:

due to its lubricating effects, the active agents in Actus are able to clear out any blockages that might be present in our neural network. This allows for a seamless transfer of receptors to and from the brain. All of this enhanced functionality results in heightened brain activity which leads to increased efficiency and overall long term health.

Natural & Safe:

all of the added components have been clinically validated and have been found to be completely safe. They can be used over long durations without the risk of any ill/ side effects occurring.

Actus Ingredients

Some of the key compounds which make the supplement so potent include:


it is an amino acid that has been shown to provide our bodies with a host of physical benefits. Through regular use, many individuals have reported experiencing benefits like increased heart resistance, improved cardiovascular health, enhanced memory, heightened cognition.

Apart from these benefits, some studies have also suggested that Betaine can be effective in improving body composition, promoting muscle gain and fat loss due to its ability to promote protein synthesis in the body.


this natural mineral is quite useful in optimizing the working of several key mechanisms within our bodies. From a biological standpoint, it is required for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body.

Some of the main health benefits associated with this mineral include transmission of nerve impulses, body temperature regulation, memory increase, heightened cognition, improved acuity, more sharpness, detoxification, energy production, and the formation of healthy bones and teeth.

Actus Customer Reviews

There are quite a few reviews available online in regards to Actus. All of the customers have praised the supplement for its natural composition and its almost immediate benefits.

Satisfied customers include Janaina Soares who says ‘Actus has greatly increased my focus, without taking away my creativity. Not only do i feel more concentrated, but there is no background fatigue or dullness anymore. I am able to completely devote my time to the task at hand, and as a result my overall artistic output has increased greatly (much so than before)’.

Purchasing Actus

Actus is relatively new in the ‘nootropic market’ and thus to increase its visibility, the manufacturer is allowing users to avail of free trial bottles first. To obtain a free unit, users need to supply their address and contact details on the official webpage.

However, it is important to note that postage and handling need to be covered form the user's end. Also, each bottle contains 60 pills, and thus should give users ample time to see if the product is working for them or not.

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