DayTwo is an Israeli startup company that promises to boost your health and weight management by optimizing your gut microbiome. Learn more about DayTwo today in our review.

What Is DayTwo?

DayTwo is an app that gives food recommendations to users based on an analysis of their gut microbiome.

What’s the point of that? Well, DayTwo was founded based on one simple question: why do some people gain weight or experience a blood sugar spike more easily than others despite eating the same diet?

To answer that question, DayTwo analyzes stool samples. You send a stool sample to the company, then DayTwo gives you personalized information about what you should be eating to maximize your health. The company sequences the genetic information of your gut microbiome to provide a complete profile of your digestive health.

DayTwo licensed gut microbiome technology from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel back in 2015. That technology was based on a 5 year research project published in the journal Cell.

DayTwo was founded with the goal of turning that technology into a commercial product for consumers.

How Does DayTwo Work?

DayTwo launched in Israel in 2016. Israeli customers could sign up, fill out the online questionnaire (which asks about dietary habits and physical activity). Then, they wait for a kit to arrive in the mail. They use the kit to send back a stool sample.

The stool sample is then analyzed in a lab, and the user starts receiving personalized dietary recommendations through the mobile app.

DayTwo is currently accepting preorders in the United States. As of May 2017, the company still estimated a shipping date of “spring 2017”. DayTwo isn’t available to all states: due to regulations, the company can’t ship to addresses in NY, MA, or MD.

Here’s the step by step process broken down:

Step 1) You order the stool sample kit online through
Step 2) You fill out the online questionnaire and provide a HbA1c blood test result
Step 3) DayTwo analyzes your data through its patent pending predictor
Step 4) Once the analysis is complete, DayTwo provides you with a personalized nutrition app
Step 5) You start eating what your body loves to eat based on your biome

Your results should arrive within 6 to 8 weeks after DayTwo receives your stool sample. The nutrition app comes with a subscription fee, although that fee is waived for the first six months.

The HbA1c blood test result, by the way, is a measurement of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c). Doctors use this measurement to get an overall picture of average blood sugar levels over a period of weeks or months.

The kit itself comes with a small tube, a toilet accessory, and a scoop.

What Will You Learn from DayTwo?

Why would you send a stool sample to somebody in the mail? What’s the point of DayTwo? The four core benefits of DayTwo’s platform include:

  • Personal recommendations on what to eat and what to avoid
  • Food search engine showing your personal score for thousands of meals
  • Complete DNA sequencing of your gut bacteria
  • A stool sample kit to help personalize your app

DayTwo Pricing

DayTwo is priced at $299 USD through the preorder discount.

For general retail launch, the price is expected to rise to $399.

The Science Behind DayTwo

DayTwo basically sequences the DNA of your gut microbiome. Thanks to modern technology, sequencing DNA is easier than ever before. Some people even order a complete genome sequencing test online. DayTwo just focuses on the genetic buildup of your gut microbiome.

Some of the key things to note about your gut microbiome include:

  • We have 100 times more bacterial genes than human genes
  • The gut microbiome helps us digest, and it’s assumed that we get 10% to 20% of our energy from our gut microbiome
  • The gut microbiome plays a crucial role in immune system efficiency, helping to identify friends and foes
  • Diversity in your gut microbiome is important; studies have shown that obese people have a less diverse gut microbiome than non-obese people
  • After analyzing your gut microbiome, DayTwo runs it through its patent pending algorithm to predict which foods are good for you. The end result is a unique nutrition profile just for you.

The DayTwo App

At the end of your analysis, you’ll receive access to your personalized nutrition information through the DayTwo app. That app comes with the following features:

  • Unique personal nutritional report for each individual
  • Specific food recommendations for normalizing blood sugar levels throughout the day and night
  • Food recommendations specific to your gut makeup, like “Top Meals” for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Daily eating routines, including great-tasting healthy alternatives and nutritious snacks
  • A detailed analysis of your gut microbiome, including detailed information about the bacteria living in your gut

About DayTwo

DayTwo, Ltd. is a health and wellness startup based in Israel. The company is led by CEO Lihi Segal. DayTwo created its technology based on five years of research by Professor Eran Segal and Eran Elinav from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. DayTwo decided to take that information and market it to consumers. DayTwo is the end result.

DayTwo was founded in 2015. They launched throughout Israel in 2016. Now, the company is preparing to launch in the United States in spring 2017 (they’re currently accepting American preorders through their website).

You can learn more about DayTwo online today.

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