Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream is a topical skincare formula that gives your buttocks the boost it needs to appear fuller and rounder. This formula features a variety of different ingredients to support both your skin texture and health.

What is Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream?

Everyone has a part of their body that they are not completely comfortable with. With so many debates floating around in social media about the perfect figure, it’s easy to allow your mind to be consumed with thoughts about the changes you want to make to your own body. Issues with your weight are usually the easiest to handle, since a simple workout and diet plan is enough to slim down. However, when you want to plump up an area, you need some specialized attention. If your backside leaves you with more to be desired, then the Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream can help.

Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream helps to improve the shape and size of your butt, deeply penetrating past the surface of your skin. Per the claims on the website, this simple skincare treatment can increase the amount of fatty tissue in your buttocks in a way that no prescription or non-prescription method can yet. However, this cream is not just a way to increase your butt size. It also:

Changing the shape of your buttocks is a difficult task, requiring you either to endure more squats then you ever imagined you would perform, or to get plastic surgery. Squats help to tone the muscle in your buttocks, but plumping it up is nearly impossible with a workout. Getting gluteal implants is an option as well, but there are many risks to getting implants that you will be resting most of your body weight on every time you sit down. By choosing Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream, you support the structure and texture of soft tissue without damaging any of your skin.

Other Information Available

Even though the main purpose of this website is to promote the use of the enhancement cream, they also offer different resources and information about other methods that you can use to improve your backside. By having access to this information on the same website as the topical supplement, you can make an informed decision about the best choice for your body.

How Does Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream Work?

The reason that Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream is so effective is because it includes healthy and natural ingredients that can make the difference between an average backside and a full one. These ingredients include:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Octyl palmitate
  • Black cohosh
  • Damiana
  • Calendula
  • Saw palmetto
  • Don quai
  • Safflower oil
  • Honey
  • Vitamin E
  • Niacinamide
  • Cassia oil
  • Maca root

Each one of these ingredients plays a necessary role in the development of a more attractive derriere. However, these substances do much more for your body than enhance the tissue in your buttocks; they nourish and protect your skin as you plump up the tissue. With this helpful support, you improve both the quality of your buttocks and the texture of your skin.

This formula is the result of years of studying to develop a formula that is safe for topical use, but effective in plumping up your buttocks. This formula has been around since 2007, which is around the same time that the entertainment industry started encouraging women to enhance and embrace their curves. Luckily, with this cream, you can.

Using Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream

This cream is incredibly easy to use on a regular basis. After you enjoy a shower, you can massage the Glutimax treatment into your skin. You don’t need to use much cream to make a difference, which is why this supply can be stored for later as well.

You should be able to notice an immediate (yet subtle) change in the texture of your butt. It is completely normal to feel a tingling sensation during the time when the ingredients are stimulating the expansion of tissue. For the full impact of the cream, you should wait about four to eight weeks for long-lasting results. To maintain the changes that you’ve developed, you should continue to use the formula after that point still.

Pricing for Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream

The base price for a single jar of the Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream is $39.99. However, you can get a discount on the formula by choosing to increase the quantity of your purchase. Choose from:

  • Two jars: $74.99 ($37.49 each)
  • Three jars: $104.99 ($34.99 each)
  • Four jars: $129.99 ($32.99 each)
  • Six jars: $149.99 ($24.99)

The creators behind Glutimax are confident in the formula, but they understand it is not for everyone. If you don’t like the results of using this cream on your skin, you can return the products within 30 days for a full refund.

You have multiple ways to order this product, depending on your resources. You can use the customer service phone number to submit your order, or you can sign up online to purchase the formula.

Contacting the Creators of Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream

Even though the website features plenty of information about the enhancement cream, you may still have other questions that you would prefer to be answered before you make a choice. That’s why you can reach the department by calling or emailing.

Call 1-877-338-6943, if you are trying to reach Glutimax from within the United States. If you are calling from outside the United States, you will dial 585-621-4271. If you are unable to reach someone, you can submit an email through the online form on the website.


Glutimax Butt Enhancement Cream is one of the few formulas of its kind, and it does not require a prescription. This treatment is safe for anyone to use, due to the high number of natural ingredients involved. If you’re ready to give yourself the round butt you want, then Glutimax is your best chance without surgery.

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