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Sneaky Vaunt is a backless, strapless bra that offers an alternative to the standard women’s undergarment experience. Here’s our Sneaky Vaunt Review.

What Is Sneaky Vaunt?

Sneaky Vaunt is a revolutionary approach to brassieres. The undergarment is not only strapless, it’s also backless and offers the ability to adjust the amount of cleavage displayed by the wearer.

Sneaky Vaunt Features

Sneaky Vaunt features an innovative design that incorporates an adhesive backing on the insides of its bra cups, providing for an excellent hold over the course of wearing the bra.

The back of each bra cup has a space that isn’t coated with adhesive for each nipple.

A laced drawstring in the center of the bra can be used to adjust the amount of cleavage shown, turning the Sneaky Vaunt from a standard bra to a push-up bra or any amount of varying cleavage in between.

These bras come in cup sizes from A through D and are available in either black or nude. As they are strapless and backless, there are no associated strap sizes included.

Sneaky Vaunt claims its products are true to cup size, but suggests customers select a size down if they are at the small end of their cup size for maximum cleavage.

Who Makes Sneaky Vaunt?

Sneaky Vaunt is made by Synergy CHC, a consumer health care company that has created and manages many different brands across a wide variety of product lines.

The company is based in Westbrook, Maine, and the current chairman and CEO, Jack Ross, has been serving in that role since 2014.

Other brands and products made by Synergy CHC include Focus Factor and Fast Rx supplements, NeuraGen over-the-counter pain relievers, Flat Tummy Tea detox tea, Hand MD skincare products, and Synergy Effect marketing products.

Synergy CHC is a publicly-traded company.

Sneaky Vaunt Materials

Sneaky Vaunt bras are made from soft cloth material, backed on one side with an adhesive coating. Washing the bra in warm soapy water after use and then letting it air dry maintains the adhesive coating for approximately 40 wear cycles.

Each bra comes with a pair of reusable plastic backings to help preserve the ability for the bra to stick.

Sneaky Vaunt Pricing

Pricing for Sneaky Vaunt is simple and straightforward. Each bra is $49.00, regardless of whether it comes in nude or black and regardless of cup size. Standard shipping in the US is free, which provides for an estimated 5-7 working day delivery time.

For those who want their Sneaky Vaunt sooner than that, the company also offers Priority Shipping for $5.95, resulting in your package arriving within 1-3 working days.

Sneaky Vaunt does ship worldwide, at a cost of $7.95. Delivery can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks. Sneaky Vaunt does not ship internationally to the UAE, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Sudan, or Syria.

Sneaky Vaunt provides its customers with a tracking number. Sneaky Vaunt accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Paypal; all sales are final unless in the event of a defective product.

Sneaky Vaunt Reviews

The majority of feedback from verified users has been very strong, with the lion’s share of reviewers leaving four and five stars for this product.


  • Super Sticky – Users have praised Sneaky Vaunt’s adhesive backing for being super sticky, which means they don’t worry about the bra losing its grip and slipping or falling off during inopportune moments. Even women with larger cup sizes – up to DD – remarked how well the product worked.
  • Amazing Cleavage – Users also reported high levels of satisfaction with the amount of cleavage Sneaky Vaunt was capable of presenting. Users with small cup sizes particularly were quite impressed, especially as the bra preserved their natural shape in ways that other strapless bras did not.


  • Not Ideal for Larger Cup Sizes – Women with larger cup sizes – D and DD – have said that while the bra sticks all day, there’s just not enough push-up power in the front laces to provide much in the way of cleavage for them. Additionally, without a strap and band, Sneaky Vaunt may sometimes leave you with a sore chest after wearing it for several hours the day before.
  • Adhesive Isn’t Perfect – By and large the adhesive works well, but one customer did point out that if you tend to sweat, you’re going to encounter problems with Sneaky Vaunt beginning to slip.

Sneaky Vaunt Summary

Speak to any woman and they’ll tell you that they are nearly always on the lookout for a more comfortable bra that’s going to make her look good and feel confident.

Purchasing a bra is a major investment after all, and when you’re going to spend anywhere from $40-$60 on a traditional bra, you expect it to fit well, last long, and look good.

Sneaky Vaunt does seem to tick all the boxes for what women are looking for.

Wearing bras with straps and bands all day can be painful and exhausting and aren’t always appropriate for every outfit, which is why it’s important to have a strapless bra or two in your wardrobe.

However, even strapless bras often have a painfully constrictive band that can cause discomfort after extended wear.

Sneaky Vaunt doesn’t have any of these problems, thanks to its adhesive backing. Throw in the fact that it’s adjustable and can be used as a push-up bra makes it even better.

While it might not last quite as long as a traditional bra – the adhesive is only strong enough for around 40 uses – it’s likely to be a great alternative for anyone who’s tired of the old, boring, painful traditional bra.

While Sneaky Vaunt can work with larger cup sizes (up to DD according to one reviewer), women with smaller cup sizes are likely to get more out of this product due to its design.

If you’re looking for a good alternative for your current strapless bra – or just looking for another bra in general, you really can’t go wrong with Sneaky Vaunt.

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  1. Do not waste your money or time. Nothing but issues with this company. They don’t even have a number to call. There is no push up and no support.

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