Utility Tip

The Utility Tip is a disposable, earwax-extraction device that is simple and effective to use. There are multiple package options available, giving control to the consumer to determine how necessary the treatment is.

What Is Utility Tip?

One of the most uncomfortable sensations on the body is when earwax builds up in the ear canal. Usually, the best way to tell that there’s too much wax is by the presence of the excess around the edge of the opening, but it’s easy to tell how clogged the ear canal is by the sticky sensation alone.

While earwax is meant to protect the rest of the parts of the ear, it can become overwhelming, causing infections and hearing issues. To ensure that all the wax is extracted from blocking the canal, the Utility Tip was introduced.

The Utility Tip takes cleanliness to a new level. With an intricate design, the swab extracts the excess wax from your ear without any irritation. While consumers will need to use the same method that is needed with a cotton swab, the bendable plastic leaves no residue or cotton behind, reducing your risk of infection and inflammation.

Cotton swabs are the most popular extraction method of choice, depending on the circumstance. In addition to the risk of leaving the material behind, pushing a cotton swab into the ear can deepen the wax, making it harder to extract later. The versatile design of the Utility Tip eliminates this risk, leaving ears with just the cleanliness that you crave.

How Utility Tip Works

The reason that the Utility Tip is effective is due to the shape and material of the swab. The ends of the swab are shaped like the cotton version, but with multiple ridges to gently extract the wax from the walls of the ear canal.

It can be twisted in the same way that would need to happen with a regular swab, but the design works best when pulled out straight.

To prevent the Utility Tip from pushing the wax towards the ear drum, you’ll notice a gentle arch that catches the wax, pulling it out with the rest of the sticky mess. However, even though the design is so much more advanced than the swabs available at the grocery store, they are disposable, giving you a clean Utility Tip for every use.

Purchasing Utility Tip

There are presently three different packages that are available for purchase, giving you enough of the Utility Tips to clear out the wax from both ears whenever it’s necessary, along with the rest of the family. The company offers:

  • A 7-pack, $13.99
  • A 16-pack, $18.99
  • A 32-pack, $23.99

When a purchase is made, every consumer is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means that you can get a full refund, if you are not satisfied.

Utility Tip Contacts

Whenever there’s a treatment that involves a sensitive part of the body, it’s best to get all the information needed before it’s use. To reach the customer service team, you have the option of calling the company or sending a letter.

The department can be reached with a call to (208) 497-2181. However, for non-urgent inquiries, answers can also come from a letter to:

795 Lindsay Blvd, Suite 1001
Idaho Falls, ID 83402‎

Utility Tip Conclusion

The Utility Tip is a must-have for any home, helping to eliminate the discomfort and the risks of having too much earwax impacting your ear at once. There’s no need to go through the use of cotton swabs, which can be irritating and inefficient. In fact, you don’t even need to invest much money in the purchase at all.

If you notice that there are consistent issues that need to be addressed with the ear canal or excessive earwax in general, the Utility Tip can help.

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