major scratch pro golf ball

Golf is one of the most popular sports enjoyed by both men and women across a vast cross-section of skill levels and abilities. Tournaments such as the PGA have highlighted the sport’s glamour with millions of viewers tuning in to watch the sport live and online.

Due to the popularity of golf, companies have released a range of gear that golfers can make use of to improve their par on the course. These products range from golf clubs and bags, as well as specialized golf balls that can help improve the velocity and distance of one’s swings.

These specialist golf balls are used by both amateur and professional golfers and can be found in a variety of sports stores both online and in retail settings. Scratch Pro by the brand Major is one of the latest to have hit the market. Major is so confident with their creation that they claim that the Scratch Pro is the best ball in golf.

What Is Scratch Pro?

The company claims that their Scratch Pro golf balls provide superior performance compared to any other ball in the world. Each of the Scratch balls are apparently made to the highest standards of research and product development, quality manufacturing, and player validation. When these elements are combined, the result is Major’s Scratch Pro.

In short, the golf balls claim to help golfers play better and shoot lower scores. The Scratch golf balls increase the user’s performance with a focus on the following three areas:

  • Distance: With conformance to USGA standards, the Scratch Pro is apparently the longest ball off the tee.
  • Control: The balls contain an advanced triple layered construction that enhances the feel of the ball when it is hit.
  • Durability: Major’s Scratch Pro is also built to last, as the balls may last up to 3x longer than the big name brands available in the market.

The Scratch Pro could be solution that golfers have been looking for if they want a ball that can complement their skill level and swing style. The balls are known to cover a long distance, with a focus on putting each and every shot into the green.

Users may be able to hit more approaches than drives in each round of golf, which will then increase one’s accuracy to the hole and result in a lower score.

The quality of one’s golf balls should not be understated, as the choice of one’s brand and model of golf ball can have a huge impact on how the game plays out. One little-known benefit to using the same ball every time is that this may eliminate performance variations and help the user convert more putts. It’s sometimes recommended as the first step to improving a golfer’s game.

Scratch Pro Golf Sleeve Offer

For a limited time, Major is giving away a sleeve of their Scratch Pro golf balls to those people who qualify for their special offer. One simply needs to fill out a short survey that can be found on the company’s website and answer questions relating to their age, handicap, drive distance, and finally preference between control or speed.

Once the company has confirmed the user’s submission, they will be sent their sleeves within three to five working days.

It’s important to note that this special offer is limited to one sample per household and for online shoppers only.

Scratch Pro Conclusion

The Scratch Pro golf balls are just some of the newly introduced products for golfers this year. The company claims that their balls are some of the finest in the market, and that they are already making headlines due to their use in the professional golf circuit.

If one is interested in finding out more about how the balls can benefit their game, there is a wealth of information listed on Major Golf’s website that can be accessed free of charge.

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